Hot 100 Review: Rockin Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

Watch the video: (those damn boomers touching hands as teens)

You are reading this the day after Christmas, but even now the chart is still being helmed by Mariah Carey and her tour de force of holiday cheer which I covered. Second to that is Brenda Lee’s 1958 classic “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree.”

Her voice is soothing and light. Not overbearing like Mariah Carey’s could be. It’s lyrics are standard white lights on a simple tree, and production feels like a dance song from the time it came out. Not that bombastic or anything, and I could not find a video to watch. It’s good.

It’s a tight two minutes of jolly. It does not sound nearly as big as Mariah Carey’s Christmas opus, but still give you a good holiday fever. It’s a good song. It’s a classic. It would have to be in order for a song from the FIFTIES to still get into the Hot 100, especially just below Mariah Carey.

This one I just do not have as much to say. It’s jolly. There is no secret to it. Have a good Boxing Day all Canadian readers and sleep off your Christmas hangover.

(What? They’re still here? Okay I’ll figure out something to say.)

Look, we are independent. I don’t have any particular word count to I have to hit here. I want you to feel like you got something out of your time here. So I’m going to do a hot take that this song is about full on paganism. Not like Brenda Lee and all the boomers are going to summon the devil, but like dancing around a tree. Unless they are trying to summon the devil.

Normal American houses the tree is in a corner or against a wall. If they’re not, they’re not usually in danceable areas. So having a tree in the open, no one able to stop, teens trying to mack on each other. That’s all witchcraft and pagan devil worship talk. They have been infected by the dancing plague, force to continue until they bleed out and die, but also want to do a naughty kissing. Pure evil!

Well that was all fun and meaningless guff, but also Christmas is coopted from Pagan traditions and wrapped in a Christian theme.

Have a Happy New Year, Citizens!

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