Hot 100 Review: The Box by Roddy Ricch

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A new song and artist have claimed the number one spot from Post Malone’s Circles (which is at number three now). This artist is Roddy Ricch and his song The Box.

From what I can tell he is a pretty new artist on the rise. He’s done some work with Mustard (like DJ Mustard? I don’t know, my phone isn’t confirming that), and Gunna. His rap name isn’t bad. I like the idea he is not Richie Rich, but instead had to work toward that goal of being loaded. It does prance on my pedantic nerve with “Ricch” because “cc” makes the “ch” sound, but I assume even if he knew that no one else would and would be called Roddy “Rick.”

So, based on what I have said and written about it might be clear where my tastes lie. Not to say I don’t like certain kinds of music, but I know how to talk about certain kinds of music better than others. Rap for example is much harder than some cringy nu metal or alternative rock song. I do the best with what I can, but sometimes it’s just over my head.

The Box is indeed one of those songs. I mean I think I like it. It’s got problems I’ll get into, but I do unironically enjoy it. I think the haunting beat with someone doing a Migos onomatopoeia of a squeaking noise works. Roddy Ricch’s voice and flow is solid. Those all make it something that is an enjoyable enough listening experience.

The song feels lyrically incomprehensible. Not in so far as I can’t understand what he is saying. You can make out specific words and lines easily enough. It just feels so, so steeped and embedded in gangster rap culture that I do not get it, and doesn’t feel narratively cohesive.

The chorus talks about hating cops, breaking open some box, and partying with a woman. Just very classic gangster stuff. It does have some weird and very on the nose imagery about sucking souls and slatts (I keep these posts fairly family friendly, but use your imagination).

The first verse focuses on cruising around, being a thug and hanging out with an attractive girl.

In the second verse he talks about getting with a girl, driving around, and being rich when he was selling drugs.

It all seems pretty standard stuff quite honestly. There are some really solid lines and deliveries. “Pour up a whole [damn] seal, gonna get lazy,” has a really fun playful delivery, the transition from that to the next like, “I got the mojo deals, we be trappin’ like the 80s,” is obvious but gives a good image of how hard they’re partying. “[Bitch] don’t wear shoes in my house” comes out of nowhere every time and is funny; and “Shawty (I love we still use that word) call me Crisco cause I pop my [shit],” is just a really fun and playful line. It’s all real enjoyable stuff, if not all of them are clever.

It more just bothers me he doesn’t say what The Box is. I’m sure it is not a reference to the 2009 movie based on the short story by Richard Matheson. That would make sense and I would understand it. (Let’s look it up. Genius comes to the rescue) Oooh that opens up everything.

The Box is part of a magazine used in robberies. Therefore the song is about robbing a bank and living high from it. I assumed it was a sex thing (always seems safe in music to guess that). Genius also says that slatt is not what I thought it was. It means to be on the come up. That doesn’t really make sense. Latt as in lateral would make more sense.

Back to the robbery idea, him not wanting to fly makes sense cause it’s like some Con Air situation.

The music video sure is on theme. It shows Roddy Ricch being a gangster in nice mansions, takes us to them driving down the street on a Rolls Royce, and shows a gang (I’d assume his cause the first shots show them armed up) raiding an apartment or something. Not really sure, hard to tell. But, it does have an extended ending where it shows a bunch of b-roll of gorgeous vistas, landscapes, and foreign cityscapes. It has an extra verse about traveling, dating, and having fun with his girl. It’s a fine enough video that works. It is just weird how the lip sync is terrible. It feels like they didn’t know where the editing was going so they just had him kind of say the song at each location, but then didn’t match to make sure that’s what he was saying on song was the same as what he was saying. Really weird and lazy.

I would actually say that YouTuber Lenarr Young’s video, “When Roddy Ricch was recording ‘The Box’” is closer to what the song feels like even if it is not thematically on point. In the video a ghost is making the door hinges squeak and that noise causes him to make the song. It is great and funny.

Watch the video:

Now I feel like I’m stretching a lot, and that no one is digging that much into the song. I am also super unqualified to talk about it. I mean I like rap songs that build and communicate a big theme or idea. A brag rap song like this doesn’t really do that. Or it’s possible that it does and all the references he makes have deeper ideas that I am missing. But, the song really feels like it’s just supposed to be played at parties, and have everyone think that they want to go hard like Roddy Ricch.

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