HBO’s The Outsider Episode 5 Review

I apologize for the review coming out a day late, unfortunately the Super Bowl got me caught up in forgetting about the new episode last night and I didn’t get a chance to watch it till I got off work today, but regardless I’m here with my the review of episode 5! Some of my biggest theories or questions had to do with how exactly everyone was connected and who all was actually being controlled by this figure. I was questioning or wondering what exactly his effect on people was and some of those answers seemed to become a little clearer in this newest episode.

The unfortunate thing with these middle of the season episodes is that they do tend to feel like they’re dragging a bit, but it’s also a slow burn show so I know that it’s going to feel slow while also releasing information as needed. Continuing on with my though of how exactly the figure effects people, I think we have a more clear understanding of how exactly he influences peoples actions in one sense. As much as I think I have an answer, the more I remember that some things still don’t make complete sense yet. It seems that of course Jack isn’t the only one with the burn like mark on his neck who was being controlled. The man in Dayton who Molly sees at the cemetery.

In the end of the episode, we very clearly see the mark on his neck and learn that his gun wasn’t loaded which means he was sent there doing what he did to commit suicide. We also learn that he was also likely the killer of the family members because of how Molly describes the difference in the care of the murders. She describes how it feels like the killer was actually by someone who knew them and was somewhat ashamed of what they were doing. It seems clear that this man was the one responsible, but I’m not sure yet what his connection is to the family.

This then makes me think about the family of the young boy that “Terry” killed. They are all now dead, but there was nobody that killed each of them, they all died by different means. This definitely makes me feel that none of them were being controlled in the same manner of the man or Jack. Although, I now wonder what exactly the purpose of controlling Jack is. Jack isn’t going around killing people, but rather he’s gathering things in the woods for the figure. We also see towards the end that he is trying to get in on the case with Ralph. I see this not at all being Jack, but the figure trying to get more info on the case against him and to get Jack close to him in case he needs to take action and kill Ralph.

As I sit and think about how much the figure is involving himself with the families and the actual case against him, I start to wonder why he’s doing this. Was he doing it in the other cities? It doesn’t appear so because we never get Molly coming across any witnesses regarding the figure and his disfigured face. It doesn’t seem like anyone has seen or sketched the same face that the people in the current case have. The figure has also shown himself to Ralphs wife, Terry’s daughter, and a kid witness. All of them are from different families and have yet to be effected by witnessing it. As far as we know, the only people killed in the other cities were directly connected to those involved with the victim hence why she says that the figure takes the whole family.

He completed his act of killing the whole family in the present town, but has managed to stay and has started to make more of a presence than what we assume it has in the other cities. It isn’t quite clear why that is the case or why it’s becoming so involved in the case against him while also staying in the town. I’m not exactly sure what its game plan is at this point, but there is an assumption that can be made by one of the last scenes in this episode. I actually had to rewind and pause the scene so that I could see it clearly.

The man that Molly slept with before leaving town comes across a piece of paper that has each of the wrongly convicted names with the amount of time between each murder or appearance. All of which seem to be between 20-24 days which isn’t exactly the same but is close enough to assume that there is some kind of reason for that. I’m not sure if the exact amount of days since the current murder has been stated, but I wonder how close to that range we are getting. Is it that it actually takes around that much time for the figure to fully form the face or appearance of the person he scratched last? I think that may be the case, but it also doesn’t explain why he’s still sticking around that town and not moving on to the next town. There’s something significant that just hasn’t been revealed yet. It could be that this is the first instance of someone catching on to something fishy being at play, but again I’m not entirely sure yet.

This does lead me to my last final point and that being about the man that Molly slept with. What exactly are his intentions now after coming across that paper with her notes on the murders and claiming that they all may be connected. It isn’t clear what his intentions are and I’m not sure whether I trust him or not. Is he secretly being controlled by the figure? I doubt that, but I also doubt that he doesn’t have some kind of agenda. He could be looking to reveal the information or maybe even helping her, but for some reason I have a bad feeling with him having that information. There’s just something that doesn’t sit right with me. On top of the fact that her car seemed to break down. Everything just seems too fishy for me.

I know I keep saying that the mystery deepens, but we are now at the halfway point which means the second half of the season should be starting to answer some of these questions and I do feel that the story is on its way to heating up. I’m more intrigued each week with how everything is going to be revealed and how accurate some of these assumptions are. Hopefully some of these answers will come next week, but many more questions may come out too.

I hope you enjoyed the review and if you’ve seen the episode and have any comments, questions, or feelings of your own then make sure to comment below or send us an email at and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TowerCityMedia

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