Tainted Victory – Chapter 6, Part 2 (Page-a-Day)

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Colt placed a hand on his armor. “Hold on. If she found something then we should let her investigate. We also do not need her to ask questions our guests outside of the gate, right?”

“They’re not guests. Their foreign monsters.”

“Yes, yes. But remember that they too are humans. They’re animals just like us.”

“We will see about that.” The two continued to walk to the entrance to the castle. 

Evelyn continued her walk to the wall. She stopped when she reached the wall. It reached high into the air. She would guess about five stories high. The holes ran consistently up the wall. The first was a bit of a step up. She lifted her leg and placed her foot in. The hole was roomy, but it fit perfectly on her sole. She then reached a hand up. It was slightly out of her reach. She moved the foot in the hole to her tippy toes and grasped the hole with her hand. She pulled herself up to the next foothold. She repeated the process until she reached the top of the wall. 

Evelyn looked around from her spot above everything. Off in the distance she could see Colt and Siguard continue their walk to the camp. She saw the lines and lines of trees making the forest, and she saw two Blues lounging around one of the trees. She noted that it must have been their assigned position because a hammock, two tents, and a fire pit were set up around their outcove in the forest. She repeated her climb back down the other side of the wall. Her hands were stingy from the cold, wet water splashed all over the rocks. She reached the final bottom foothold and jumped onto the ground. She looked around to see if there were any other footprints. None existed.

Evelyn looked back to where the two soldiers were camped and started walking in their direction, scanning for prints the whole way. When she got closer to them men she ran her fingers through her hair and tossed it about in an attempt to match Claudia’s thick mess. She ran her finger over her shoulders, deshelving her attire. The final part of her trick was to make every other step just a smidge too long to take. “Ello!” she called out. She shifted her voice into a thicker tongue. “Ello, soldiers! Can you help me!?” She waved to the two men. 

One soldier slapped the other on the arm and pointed at the shambling Evelyn. They both straightened up, and marched to meet her. “Sorry ma’am, but this area is restricted. Go back to where you came from,” said one Blue with a thin beard. 

“Oh roight,” Evelyn said. She rubbed the side of her thigh with her hand. “Problem be here that I can’t seem to figure where I am.” She scanned the two soldiers. They were clearly young. One had a thin beard while the other was a pronounced dimple in his chin. The camp was a man’s mess to be sure. Their clothes and armor was strung about, and the fire was smoldering. “I took a bad tumble when these men came and told me to leave me house!” She pointed to the wall. “I saw these holes that were perfect for climbing, right? So I did that, missed a step and feel right down.” She smacked her hands together.

“We understand ma’am,” said the one with the dimple. “We will walk you to the castle entrance and you can go.”

“Would you? I mean that would be like swell. I just don’t ever recall those holes bein there.” She squinted an eye at them. “Would you know anything about them holes?” 

“You better be getting on your way ma’am,” said the thin bearded soldier. He waved his arm in the direction of the front gate.

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