Tainted Victory – Chapter 10, Part 5 (Page-a-Day

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“Yes, you Goblet,” Olivier said. He tapped his hand on the table and looked at the shimmering, rainbow egg in front of him. His gaze drifted back in time to the moments before he arrived. The rest of the team leaned forward, waiting for the answer.

“How did he help you?” Claudia asked. 

Olivier looked to Goblet. Goblet returned his gaze back. They said nothing. Goblet just looked into his eyes, He tried to flash back to before he made it up here. The fighting with the soldiers, escaping, the wall of impenetrable ice, chopping the ice with his axe. That was it. His axe. Well not exactly his axe. He remembered grabbing it tightly with both hands. How could he have done that when he was holding the teleportation petals. He could not. He closed his eyes and saw them drop to the ground in front of the ice wall when he punched the wall and grabbed his axe. “The petals!”

“Exactly, my boy!”

“What petals?” Claudia asked.

“Yeah, gardening isn’t helpful against an army,” Evelyn said.

“They’re magic flower petals,” Goblet said. 

“Magic how?” Hugh asked.

“I mean,” Goblet scratched his eyebrow. “I don’t know exactly how it all works, but they act as sort of ports of travel and trade.”

“It connects two points across a space,” Olivier said. 

Evelyn felt a cold chill hit the nape of her neck. It echoed throughout her body, sending shivers to the tips of her toes and fingertips. A brick hit the rest of her and she felt the life blast out of her nose and mouth. She noticed she was hyperventilating. The circle, the magic arrows, Colt may have been part of it, but he would need an accomplice who is skilled with magic. She felt her vision go blurry. Her state seemed openly apparent to everyone else she realized. This only occured to her because everyone turned to look at her. Their long, dower faces gave off the impression her inner sickness was oozing into her exterior look. 

“Are you okay?” Hugh asked. He placed his right hand on her hand. “You are looking pale.”

She nodded. “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. I need to lay down.” She stood up and felt her weight drop.

“Let me walk with you!” Hugh jumped to his feet. He squeezed her hand tightly. 

“Okay,” Evelyn said. She felt herself stagger aimlessly through the room and to the door. The door opened. She could not feel if she had done it, or if Hugh had opened it for her. She tried to not worry about that and instead keep her breathing steady. Her vision returned when she hit the hallway. “So, I feel fine. I just realized what is going on.”

Hugh looked over his shoulder. “I think I know where you are going.”

“We need to get out of here,” Evelyn said. “This job has been royal mucked up.” She waved her hands in an X motion in front of her. “I know of an exit that will get us out of here and far from the castle.”

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