Tainted Victory – Chapter 11, Part 1 (Page-a-Day)


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Chapter 11: The Confrontation

    Olivier sat  on the throne at the rear of the throne room. It was a fully treated wooden chair with a high back. The king’s crest was carved on the wood, along with purple gems and stones along the edge of the chair. Purple fabric made up the bottom, arm rests, and arched back of the chair. Olivier settled and adjusted himself in the seat. He pulled out a teleportation flower stem from his robe. He placed it in his right hand, then snapped his fingers. The stem exploded into a purple flame. The flame extended out to form a long staff. The flame evaporated and left the wooden, rune engraved staff in his hand.  He placed the staff in his free hand and patted the burns off of his right hand. He transitioned the staff back and rested it on the ground. 

    The four adventurers sat, bound and knees in front of Olivier. Their stone bindings fused to the stone floor below. They had given up speaking and just let the anger in their eyes communicate their feelings. The runes on Olivier’s staff glowed. The light moved from the runes of the staff, to the floor, through the cracks of the floor, up their bindings and to their mouths. The peeled stone receded from around their mouth leaving red, poofy marks around their lips. 

    “Now that you guys have seemed to have calmed down we can have a talk,” Olivier said. 

    Evelyn jutted her head forward. “Fu-” The stone peel uncoiled and zipped around her mouth, cutting her off before she could get another word out. 

    “Most of us,” Olivier said. 

    “I cannot believe this,” Goblet said. He continued to flex his muscles to no effect. “Why would you do this?”

    “To think I believed you could train me and help with my magic,” Claudia said. It came out more as a thought to herself than a direct message to anyone in particular. 

    Hugh said nothing. He looked at the ground, then up at Olivier. The sun finally broke and came through the stained glass above. He looked through the sharp gaze of the sun and to the mage on the throne. The disparate elements of information he found slowly clicked into place. He nodded. His hair flopped up and down on his head. The room turned their head toward the doctor.

    “What is wrong?” Goblet asked.

    “I have figured it out,” Hugh said. He could feel a smile from on his face. 

    “Figure out what?” Olivier asked.

    “I figured out your whole game here.”

    “Is that so?” Olivier wrestled around in the throne. It did not seem as comfy as it had appeared from a cursory look. 

    “Yeah,” Hugh laughed, “It is.” 

    “Why not explain it to the rest of us then,” Goblet said. 

The sun gave a warm beat across Colt’s face while he stumbled his way through the courtyard. Though the sun was out he walked in a haze. He could only see the destination his master had given to him. It was marked by the beaming lights of the heavens falling down on a camp. Everything from the ground, to the houses, and walls around him were nothing by inky black piles standing in his way.

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