Truth or Dare (2018) Review

More fun than I expected, but still hold itself back from being the next great teen death movie series like Final Destination. Truth or Dare is an interesting kind of movie when I think back on it. It came out two years ago, and I remember hearing about it, but I didn’t realize till now that it was two years ago and that it actually ever was released. It sounds weird to say that, but this movie was a complete blank of existence to me up until a few days ago when I came across it and finally remembered that yeah it did actually come out. I don’t even think I watched the trailers for it and when I decided to watch it for this review, I just went in completely blind with my only knowledge being that Tyler Posey was one of the main actors. I was hoping for more of something towards Happy Death Day or Final Destination than Countdown, this movie actually falls somewhere in-between.

I’m trying to figure out what the fascination is right now for demons possessing things in these teen horror movies. It makes sense when you’re watching a movie like The Conjuring or Insidious and it’s a good excuse for something to be evil I guess, but I’m not a huge fan of it. For example, in this movie, the game “Truth or Dare” takes its deadly turn because of a demon or something like that possessing the game and that’s why it’s so deadly. The same thing occurred in Countdown and I never understood what the reasoning is for it.

Do we really need answers to those kinds of questions in these movies? I guess I may be in the minority in thinking that I would much rather just have a movie about these teens dying in different ways with no real explanation. I can see that some people would be upset and wondering why everything is happening the way it is, but there are movies that we all love that don’t give us the answers and we’re perfectly okay with it.

Just look at the Final Destination series. We know that a one person witnesses a traumatic event that leads to the deaths of their friends, we know that they are being haunted by death because they cheated death. There’s never an instance where they actually encounter death as a being, but rather almost as a metaphorical entity that still is affecting them. It has more mystery to it and adds more evil to death as a character in these movies. In a different sense, Happy Death Day kind of does the same thing. It never really explains why she keeps waking up, so we just accept it for what it is that’s happening.

I think it’s probably my biggest gripe in this movie and I probably went on too long complaining about it, but it’s something that I don’t like in some of the recent movies I’ve seen like this or Countdown. I just think that if they would have handled this specific part better in Truth or Dare then this movie might have actually ended up being much better than it was. Even with that complaint, I actually really liked this movie more than I thought I would.

The setup was all perfect although it did take a while to actually get to the deaths to actually start. All the characters were pretty good although also your typical kind of stereotype characters that you would see in these movies. Of course you get the main character girl and she likes her best friends boyfriend so of course you have to have that whole love triangle thing. It’s just a bunch of blah, but I look past it because it’s not something I wasn’t expecting in this kind of movie.

When we actually get to the deaths is where I feel a bit torn on whether or not I actually like how they go about doing it. When the Truth or Dare demon shows up, it possesses people or things to speak to our characters and ask them the question. When it possesses people it turns their faces in to extremely cartoonish faces that I know are supposed to be sinister, but just feel silly and kind of take away from the fun that I was having before that. I know it’s not that big a deal because it’s just to get to the question part, but still it was a little too much.

The challenges are also borderline for me with some being very well thought out and some being so obvious and eye rolling that I probably could have guessed it without having seen the movie. It was cool that it specifically targeted each character and the faults they have or the secrets they keep which in some cases are great but in other cases lead us to having our main character having to sleep with Tyler Posey as her dare just to piss off her friend again and then just to have him get truth and reveal that he doesn’t love this girl and blahhhhh…I could care less about that stuff.

The best two though I think are when Brad has to steal his dads gun and make him beg for his life which ends in a different but expected way that makes it kind of ironic that he was in a no win scenario and then when Pen has to finish the bottle of liquor while walking on the roof. Her death later on is incredibly stupid and I hated it because it was just to kill her and that other girl off, but this challenge on the roof was very unique and fun to watch. I think that’s where the movie hit its peak only to be bogged down by stupid subplots and bringing in the whole demon aspect.

This movie could have just been a new version of Final Destination and likely had more success with more sequels. You just have a group of characters in each movie that die in different ways when they get caught up in this game. You didn’t have to bring in the whole demon and trying to stop it and especially not with what Olivia did at the end. It was such a sop out that I understand leaves you in an interesting new direction for the future movies, but also leaves you in a place where you really can’t do something fun in the next one. You would have to write yourself out of a hole that you just put yourself in and I just don’t like it.

Truth or Dare is a movie that I had a lot of fun with and actually enjoyed for the most part but it still has a lot of issues. The biggest issue being trying to explain why they have to play the game with the demon being an actual presence and threat to them rather than just having them play the game because if they don’t then they die plain and simple. Sometimes it just works better to be simple than it does to explain yourself. The ending was disappointing and it doesn’t set itself up well in the future even though it think it does. I would still go ahead and recommend this to anyone that likes these kind of teen killer movies or however you explain them. It’s much better than Countdown, but not as good as like Ready or Not or Happy Death Day.

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