Triassic Invasion – Chapter 2, Period 5 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 5

    “So now what?” Hinotomi asked. Both her and Damon called out of work today. They said they still had to move the old technology to the storage facility and clean out said storage facility.

    They opened the case on the dining room table and placed the three parts of Dieous back into their foam packaging. They looked like they were never even touched before, let alone see any battle. Hinotomi stirred her cup of tea. Damon entered with his cup of coffee in his hand. “We run diagnostics on him and find out why he would respond to the neural input of our daughter and not highly trained soldiers.”

    “That is one plan,” Hinotomi said. “But we have bigger problems now.” She took a sip and felt it warm her body on the way down. “If she did harm or even kill one of those dinosaurs they could come back here for revenge. If they bring a big enough attack force, we might not be prepared for what will come. Dieous won’t be ready for what will come.”

    Damon placed his mug down and picked up the belt. It alone weighed twenty-five pounds before you add the five or six-pound weight of the watches. It was cold to the touch. A hum ran through the machine. It vibrated in his hands. He just imagined what his baby girl looked like or felt like while trying to do anything in the full body armor. He had this image of her activating the armor, standing triumphant for a second, only to fall on her back, and not get up, like a turtle in medieval armor. He almost let out a chuckle. 

    “Well?” Hinotomi asked. 

    Damon shook his head. “No, you’re right on both counts,” he said. He walked into the living room, teetered around the boxes of old lap tech and grabbed the laptop. He went back to the table and hooked it up to the Dieous belt with a USB port. Hinotomi took the watches, detached the clasps, and placed them on top of the belt buckle. They stuck together like a magnet. The data in the blue circles can be passed through contact like sharing pictures on certain smartphones between them in order to quickly consolidate data, or separate it in case a problem arose, and information needed to be kept out of the hands of someone. Damon clicked on the keyboard and brought up the diagnostics. Hinotomi pulled up a seat and examined the data. 

    A black screen came up, with the D13OUS in the background, and four applications on the homepage. They were “VIDEO LOG”, “BIOMETRIC SCAN”, “SEARCH HISTORY”, and “ACTIVATION LOG.” Damon clicked on the video log first. There they watched as their daughter powered on Dieous, punched the raptor creature, chased after said creature, saved two classmates, then came home. Under the video was a graph of the amount of energy Dieous used to move around in real-time to match the video being played. There was a large spike when moving across the bridge. The graph spiked into the red and almost plateaued. 

    “I don’t believe it,” Damon said. 

    “These readings,” Hinotomi said, “the armor should have completely shut down after over-exerting itself for so long.”

“Let me see something.” He exited the video and went to the biometric scans. A cartoon outline of a boy with the name “KYANE YORITIS” at the top. He typed a few more times and brought up a timeline to match with the activity in the video and moved the timeline to when the armor over-extended itself. Kyane’s outline emanated a blue glow while armored the whole time. This glow was not normal. When the timeline reached where Dieous over-extended its power the blue glow exploded and spiked. Her pulse rate matched. There was no explanation of what the blue glow was. A key in the corner just had a “T/S” block with blue next to it. They looked at each other instinctively and knew what those two letters meant. They then sunk into their seats.

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