Triassic Invasion – Chapter 2, Period 8 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 8

Damon and Hinotomi sat in their living room. Hinotomi’s cell phone sat between them on the coffee table. Their boss, and government liaison Jerry Saucher was on the other end of the line. The sun had set, and the moon was rising. 

“I can’t believe this,” Jerry said.His voice was tiny through the speakerphone.  He was sitting at his computer in his office at the lab downtown. He was examining the data Damon and Hinotomi had gotten from Dieous. Along his desk, and walls were photos of him with military men of all backgrounds. “This data is just incredible.”

“We agree, sir,” Damon said. He had his desk on the wooden coffee table. “This was the first real successful test we’ve seen.”

“Quite impressive. Who did you say the pilot of this test was again?”

“Well that is where this gets a little tricky,” Hinotomi said. “It was our daughter.”

“Ah huh, I see. How old is she? Is she properly trained?”

Hinotomi and Damon gave nervous laughs. “The opposite actually,” Hinotomi said. “She is only 15 years old. The biggest thing she’s ever controlled was her emotions, and that is barely true most of the time.”

Jerry nodded. “Do I even want to ask why she had this government-issued, high-tech battle armor worth more than my house, your house, and your daughter’s future house combined after inflation?”

“No, sir,” Damon said. “But if you look at the video, she is quite good at fighting off the dinosaur creatures.” He looked at his wife. She gave him the same look when he said he would handle all of Thanksgiving dinner many years ago because she had the flu. He meant well by it but knew full well it was far from the truth. “Okay, marginally well. But still, better than any soldier we’ve gotten.” 

“I can’t argue with your results. Are you sure that this T/S meter is the cause of this?” Jerry scrubbed through Kyane’s leaps across the bridge back to her house. 

“Yes,” Hinotomi said. “That T/S meter is what separates Kyane from the rest of the pilots.”

Jerry brought up past data from the other pilots. There was a full screen of 60 or more users, with less than ten percent even being able to move Dieous any length of distance. The T/S meter was blank, or not existent on most of them. “I see,” he said. He paused for a moment. Kyane’s parents’ heartbeats matched the same nervous rhythm. “Should I be mad?”


“Yeah, what do you mean, Jerry?”

“Should I be mad about all of this?” Jerry tried to clarify. 

There was a ding on Damon and Hinotomi’s phones. Damon’s phone showed that there was a message from her daughter to read.

“We were… are mad at our daughter for running away with this equipment but see this information as a major breakthrough with our research,” Damon said.

“Mrs. Yorotis, do you agree with your husband here?” There was a moment of silence. “Mrs. Yorotis?”

Damon looked over at Hinotomi on her phone. Her eyes were wide, her phone shook in her hand. “What’s wrong?” She showed the message to Damon. “‘DN’ what does that mean?” he asked. 

“Our daughter needs Dieous,” Hinotomi said. 

“Right…” Damon said. 

“Good,” Jerry said. “I guess I have my answer. I will call our trainer in, so we can get her up to task for the fight ahead. Make sure you get a supplemental video outside of the mask’s camera.” He hung his phone up.

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