Triassic Invasion – Chapter 5, Period 5 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 5

Jamie, Desmond, and Harry were stopped by two military officers surrounded by wooden barricades two blocks away from the school. They were holding machine guns. Desmond stood a head or two taller than them and tried to press through. They pushed him back with their palms. “Sir, you are not allowed to enter the school,” the officer on the right said. 

“It has been closed for the rest of the week,” the officer on the left said. “Please go enjoy the three-day weekend you have.”

“I gotcha,” Desmond said. He face-to-chin with the officer on the right. “I know exactly what this is!” Pedestrians looked over to the five men when Desmond raised his voice, then poked the officer’s chest. “This is some fascist… liberal, Nazi… right-wing… SJW, racial discrimination!”

The officer was unfazed by Desmond’s barrage of insults, and size. The officer looked at Jamie and Harry. Both were slowly retreating. “Do you mind taking your friend and leaving the premises before we detain both of you?”

Harry raced up and tugged on Desmond’s Leatherman jacket. “C’mon, Desmond, we better get going. We can get the homework we missed another time.” Jamie grabbed Desmond’s shoulder. “Let’s go. You didn’t know what some of those words even meant.”

“Whatever, man,” Desmond said dismissively. “You, establishment shills have won this round.” They walked away, and up the block. When they were out of earshot of the military officers, Desmond finally spoke up. 

Desmond sighed. “What should we do now, then?”

Jamie pulled out his cell phone and went to the maps. He zoomed out from the high school, drew a circle around the two-block radius the military-controlled. Part of the radius went into the woods around the school. Jamie tapped on the woods, and a marker gave them the fastest route. “We do this,” Jamie said. He held his phone to Desmond’s face.

Harry peaked over Desmond’s shoulder. “Spy stuff, very cool,” he said.  

A huge grin spread across his face. He nodded. “I like it. They won’t expect us to come in from the forest. But how close do you have to get into the computer terminal and get the stuff we need?”

Jamie scratched his head. “Well,” he began, “I need to be in the office. That’ll be the only way to make sure we get the most accurate video.”

“So, we stealth game it once we get there?”

“That’s what spy stuff means, man,” Harry said. “Keep up.”

“Yup,” Jamie confirmed. He pointed right at the upcoming corner. “Turn here.”

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