Triassic Invasion – Chapter 5, Period 7 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 7

“Incoming,” said D13. His statement was emphasized with a red flash, and three indicator arrows coming out from Kyane’s right side peripheral vision. 

Kayne turned toward the incoming missiles. She looked back down the path of trees on both sides. A countdown to impact came up, along with the three indicator arrows converging toward her marker. The countdown read they would hit her in 20 seconds. “What can we do?”

“I would be able to reinforce the armor. However, you would be bounced backward in the mines behind us and take even more damage.”

“How are they tracking us? Maybe we can just outrun the explosions.”

D13 scanned the incoming missiles and highlighted a red box in the machinery. He compared the signal the box was following to the suit’s signals. Two waves came onto the HUD and overlapped. A green check mark appeared over the waves. “They are following our energy signature.”

“Well, can we mask it, or hide it, or something?”

10 seconds until impact. 

“My guess is that they marked us at an early signal strength. If we expel a high amount of energy now, and then run away it is possible that it won’t be able to find us because of the high change in energy output. We could then ride the wave further down this path. 

Kyane nodded. “Sure, that made sense.” 

4 seconds until impact. 

“Activating engines!” The boosters along her thighs opened and fired out bright blue flames. Excessive amounts of grass, leaves, and dirt formed a cloud behind her. Kyane got into the sprinters position. “Now we must put a large amount of energy into a single punch.” Kyane raised her fist. She envisioned a current of electricity running over, and through her body, to her arm, and down to her fist. She dropped the hammer. A crater of dust exploded out, with a pillar of clay flying into the air above her. “Now!” Kyane took off forward, blasting her engines as hard as she could. 

The tracking mechanism in the missiles showed a lost target box and collided onto the ground. The explosion blasted away the trees, and path around it. The mines hidden in the forest exploded but looked like popping bacon in comparison to the force of energy from the missiles. A wall of fire quickly caught up with Dieous. She lifted her feet off the ground and let the fire engulf her in the wave. She spun around like a piece of clothing in a washing machine. Walls of damage warning messages coated the HUD. She flew out of the wall of fire, rolled on the ground and collided with a large piece of desert tan metal. Her head bobbled back and forth. 

Kyane patted her body. She felt the metal clink, clank, and clack on contact. She laughed, leading to a hard cough. “We’re alive!” She turned around and saw the forest ablaze, with black scorched dirt and fire peppering along the ground. She flipped over, onto her chest. A dull ache thwacked against her body. “And in a lot of pain. Yay,” Kyane said sarcastically. 

“Kyane,” D13 said. He put up an indicator pointing to her left. 

“What?” Kyane asked. She turned her head and looked down the barrel of a tank. Two small machine guns pivoted to Kyane, began revving up, and red the dot sites moved to her chest. “Great,” Kyane said.

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