Triassic Invasion – Chapter 5, Period 9 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 9

“I am hating this,” Kyane said. She sucked in another helping of fresh air mixed with smog from the burning tank guarding her. She pounded her fist on her chest and coughed up her lungs. “How are our systems looking? Do I even want to know?”

“They are not good. Duck.”

Kyane slumped onto her back. A volley of machine-gun fire peppered the back wall of the bunker. She looked down at her body. The original clean and reflective dark gray-to-black metal was charred. Dirt covered everything else. She tried to brush the dust off, but just got the sound of two sets of nails against a chalkboard. The volley stopped, and she raised back up. “Give me a rundown. In normal people speak, please.”

“What you were to understand as our shields are in the toilet. Our power is right along with it. If we worked off battery power and had a timer, we would only have about fifteen minutes of normal operating energy left before we went to backups. Duck.”

“So, we have backups. That’s not bad.” Kyane slid down to let a volley hit the back wall making the strangest splatter art painting ever. 

“Backup energy restricts what I and this suit can do to the bare minimum.”

“Which is…”

“We will have access to visuals, and basic motor functions. I will be unable to scan surroundings or run any processing of information.” 

“You’ll just be a nice voice and a winning personality.”

“Yes,” D13 confirmed. 

“We better think of something then,” Kyane said. She raised her back, back against the wall. “We have been able to time when the machine gun attacks are coming, and we know that the tanks don’t see the other tanks as allies. We can use that.”

“Have one tank take out another like we saw, then just deal with the remaining one while it recharges from using its machine gun fire.”
    “That’s it exactly!” Kyane said. “Are you able to give me a timer of how much time we need in order to do that?”

“One moment, yes,” D13 said. “It would be about two minutes.” 

“Nice. Can you give me the lay of the land?” 

“Are you ready to put the mask back on?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be, Die.” She pressed the same button on the side of her face. The mask closed shut and the HUD booted up. D13 scanned the area and highlighted the tanks. They were positioned offset from each other, just behind the destroyed tank. The tank of the left was a few meters closer than the tank of the right. She ducked as the tank on the left set off its volley. She rolled to the front of the bunker and crawled to the edge. She hopped onto the balls of her feet and readied herself. The machine gunfire stopped. She ran out of the bunker.

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