Triassic Invasion – Chapter 8, Period 4 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 4

Colonel Herreas sat in his tent with legs and arms crossed. His lieutenants sat facing him, except for Nyansa, who leaned against a bone pillar. Herreas huffed. His hot air blew the dirt around his bedding. He tapped his bicep impatiently. “For someone as weak as this Deious human, he has been able to take out too many of our men with ease.”

“Indeed,” agreed Nyansa.

“If it weren’t for that damn barrier stress I would go over again and finish what I started by taking his corpse, ripping it to pieces, and using the bones as toothpicks after eating the torso.” 

The lieutenants said nothing. A raptor ran into the tent. “Colonel, Colonel,” he said. Nyansa moved to meet him. 

“There is no need to talk to him,” Nyansa said. “I’m your commanding officer.”

The raptor saluted. “Sir!” he said. “I would like a request to evolve to a new stage, sir!”

“Why is that?” Nyansa asked. He slithered his tail with intrigue. Herreas looked on with an unamused stare. “Did you kill the Deious?”

“No sir,” the raptor said. 

Nyansa turned back to the colonel. “Leave us then and go form a new party to send and kill him,” he said. 

“But sir,” the raptor added, “I have reinforced our portal to send a lieutenant and kill him.”

Nyansa turned back around. “You feel it should be you then.” 

The raptor nodded. 

“Have you fought Deious before?” Nyansa asked. 

The raptor nodded again. 

“But you have returned, and Deious is not dead,” Nyansa said. He approached the raptor. He hunched forward and scanned the raptor. “This means you either ran away, or was defeated and tossed back, not granted the release of death.” 

The raptor swallowed, hard. 

Nyansa stepped behind the raptor so the young soldier could see the people he wanted to join with his evolution. “You want to join us but have not done anything worth such accomplishment.” Nyansa began massaging the raptor. His hands moved up the raptors back and toward the shoulders. “Thank you for such valuable information.” He moved toward the neck. “But we do not need your services anymore.” He graves the head and twists it around, quickly. A snap was followed by death. 

“Very interesting,” Herreas said. “Who should go take care of this problem then?” He rose and stomped over to the corpse. He raised it and chucked it into the vat of eggs. It disintegrated and dissolved into the eggs. “Maybe we should fight for the chance.”

“That doesn’t seem like a good idea,” Nyansa said. “We shouldn’t do that.”

“Why not?” Alkeria asked.

“Deious is killing our kind and dwindling our numbers. Taking our own strongest out seems like crippling ourselves.”

“Good point,” Herreas said. “You will go then.” Herreas places his hand on Nyansa’s shoulder. 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’m more brains than brawn.”

“I’ll go,” Alkeria said, followed by a raised arm. Orange fur ran up his arms. 

Herreas shook his head. “You have sat back, given orders, and failed multiple times.” His hand moved from shoulder to neck. “Think of it as paying the price for your failures.” He squeezed Nyansa’s neck. 

Nyansa began to cough and wheeze heavily. “Sir!” Herreas dropped him to the ground. 

“You will leave soon,” Herreas said. 

“You should wait,” a voice from the front of the tent said. Herreas looked and saw a homo-ischian with an armored cranium with spikes along the forehead, going to the back. He wore a long robe, with his tail dragging out of the back

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