Hot 100 Review: Come & Go by JUICE WRLD and Marshmello

Watch the video:

Juice WRLD continually pumping out new hits this past his passing feels like Michael Jackson. He has been gone for a couple years, yet more and more music continues to come out with his name attached. I had nothing against his music. I only really listened to Lucid Dreams which felt, like 6ix9ine but on the other extreme, of child’s first emo song. I also got some of him on Godzilla with his fun chorus. All of this leads to how odd Marshmello, a producer who’s name is so apt that it is scary. I mean his music is empty fluff. He’s not the kind of guy you would want to pair up with a deceased rapper still somehow putting out hits.

What’s stranger of all is how great and refreshing the song actually is.

The song itself is incredibly straightforward lyrically. The first verse explains everything about what the song is trying to say, the narrator wants to be a better person and a love interest comes into their life allowing them to see hope in that.

The opening isn’t amazing, or says just how enjoyable the rest of the song will be, but it works. It has a subtle guitar strum at the start working in generic sad boi beats as it sets up that first verse. Where the song changes is what I’ll call the pre-drop.

Since this song doesn’t have chorus really, just a repeated line, it doesn’t have a pre-chorus. Instead it has a drop, so this pre-drop is where the song finds its own. It brings in a flush of life with a great guitar riff, something that is incredibly rare in pop music and rap more so, all to say that Juice WRLD doesn’t want to mess up because love doesn’t always just come and go. Come and Go being a unique turn of phrase for something fleeting and easy to lose.

That idea of coming and going is actually reinforced in the following verse, like an actual song, when Juice talks about being wrong and going when he should stay how he keeps messing up, wants to get better, and stop letting mistakes eat away at him leading to ruined relationships.

From there the song does petter out with the pre-drop, even if it’s called a chorus. Thankfully the guitar and strong beats make it sound totally different from any other rap song out there.

The video starts out normal enough, just a tribute to Juice WRLD before becoming a fan-made Castlevania AMV with Juice and a woman who has magic just like Sypha from that show fighting ghouls and a magical demon guy. As far as AMVs go it is pretty standard. It has good build up to the drop. When the drop hits and the song picks up energy it gets more action packed. The editing and action match very well. The animation is spotty, but has a strong vibe that the team cared even for the rough look. Outside of that it feels like a unique choice but works. Though the girl is captured that’s resolved quickly and their fighting together gives a good reason why their relationship is special (imagine that as a guy who wrote a whole dance sequence but was really a fight into a novel). I can also see that as being a request from Juice WRLD befor passing, wanting a video like that considering the main character looks like a mix of Trevor Belmont from Castlevania and Jaden Smith’s character from Neo Yokio (hey, remember that pretty decent adult comedy with an anime aesthetic people hated cause it was such an obvious parody but looked like it was serious). It makes the video fun to watch, but doesn’t really feel on theme other than not-Sypha using her powers to help fight.

There are problems with the song but they all feel wrong to bring up. Not because it’s bad to avoid problems, but because they wouldn’t be for anybody. Juice WRLD was gone too soon and this song feels like a character in a show finding the last message of a departed loved one. In fact the start of the music video has that feel. This song had so much potential and hints that he wanted to grow as an artist but can’t now. He can’t go more outside of himself to build this chunk of a relationship we gets and add more to the chorus. He can only survived through other producers and artists coming in and trying to push him to be better through new means. That makes the production work all that much more. It’s better so he can try to reach something he could not in life.

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