My JK Rowling

I never cared much about Harry Potter. That is not saying I think it’s bad and has always been bad. I did hold that impression when I was younger. I just mean that I read the first 6 books, saw all the movies and came away with a feeling of meh. I don’t care about them or get why they were so popular. I have family members who will die by the series, but it just felt so uncreative and stale compared to the manga and anime I was reading/watching at the same time. So JK Rowling finally falling off the wagon after multiple early attempts with her backfill canon nonsense is not something that hurt me. She is just another misunderstanding person who refuses to see people the way they want to be seen. I don’t like it, but her being hateful doesn’t hinder anything for me personally with her series. I mean it’s a wizard book where they shoot lasers from their wands.

That isn’t to say I don’t have someone that hurt me. I do. His name is Joss Whedon.

Joss Whedon is often seen as one of the kings of nerddom, and boy that profetic. Most people know Joss Whedon as the Avengers and Firefly guy (Firefly is bad by the way. Fight me). He knows how to write compelling, funny, and entertaining characters while also knowing how to be thoughtful. That makes it all the worse that he, himself is not a thoughtful person off the page and screen.

Things started when it came out that he had been cheating on his wife for a bulk of their marriage and tried to spin it that what he was doing was a good thing. That’s bad enough, cheating on your wife, but then trying to stay the hero makes it all the worse. Unfortunately lots of people commit adultary, and as bad as that looked he really only had to deal with the direct people in his life. He hurt them and them alone in doing it, no one else.

That’s changed recently upon the statements of many people on his myriad projects saying that Whedon was abusive on set. This started with Ray Fisher coming out about how he acted during the filming of Justice League. And I’ll be honest, without the full backing of any evidence it was hard for me to support him on that. I mean they reshot an entire movie in a fraction of the time it took to shoot it the first time. I can imagine a schedule like that would make every irritated. As in to say that it was not an ideal situation. He should not have taken out frustrations on an actor, but it sucked for everyone.

Unfortunately it got worse. Accusations by Buffy production staff and James Masters himself all paint Whedon in terrible, bullying light.

Now being a bully isn’t the worst thing you could be. It’s bad, but not the worst. Yet something does make it the worst. That is everything Whedon writes and stands for.

In much of Whedon’s writing, that being all of it except Doll House (I haven’t seen it) there is a profound take down of that toxic male culture. Xander from Buffy is that exact person Whedon is talking to in his writings, a nerd who can be rude but learns to grow, change and be better by the end. That’s kind of shown in Mal from Firefly, Scott in his X-Men run; both Captain Hammer and Dr Horrible fall into that category making them far more interesting protagonists since they are equally flawed, and why his villains end up losing in both Avengers films. They are too full of themselves to see their flaws, and boy…

I say all this because it makes sense. I stated early that Whedon is seen as a nerd king and the thing about nerds is that once they have the power to abuse others they do. Just look at the numerous outings in the comic and gaming industries as of late. It all centers around men who have gotten power they didn’t have before and are abusing it to feel bigger and better, and that’s what Whedon has seemingly done, and considering he rails against it that hurts.

Unfortunately I don’t know where to go from here (the path is unclear) much like many Harry Potter fans. My personal feelings are tied so deeply in his work that imagining not watching Buffy during a personally hard time is a rough prospect, or watching his new show if that ever comes out. The best one can hope for is that he learns to change, and unlike JK Rowling who believes she’s right about the issue, seems more possible. Everything is out in the open, and it seems like he is getting pushback for it, but it’s not proof of anything yet.

I am still debating whether to watch Doll House or not. It’s an impossible choice I feel, and what makes it worse is that it shouldn’t be. It should be easy for me not to. I guess that says I have stuff I need to work on too (Unrelated, but I’m never touching Nobuhrio Watskui’s stuff. He’s a pedophile or was caught with periphnalia of that. That’s an easy choice to make).

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