Triassic Invasion – The Final Chapter, Period 3 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 3

Kyane cuddled up to Desmond’s chest. They sat along the armchair of a couch in Kyane’s living room. She moved her bandages off to make room for him. Desmond put his one arm around her and grabbed the remote in his other. He turned on Netflix. “I’m surprised your parents gave us the place for a while,” Desmond said. He snuggled into position. 

“i guess they assume an injured teenager and her boyfriend wouldn’t try anything while the parents are away.”

Desmond laughed. “How wrong they are.” He flipped through the Netflix queue. “What do you want to watch?”

“i don’t know. I’m just in the mood for something cozy.”

“This is cozy.” He hugged her tighter. 

“but it’s not a movie or tv show.”

“Okay, well what have you seen already?” He made his way into the action movie section. “Superhero stuff is good.”

“i’m over the hero ‘stuff’ for a while.” She scanned the selection. “Maybe comedy. Actually, no. Definitely comedy.” Desmond flipped through the comedy section while they voted to pass or choose a movie. They didn’t get too far in until Kyane’s phone rang. Desmond grabbed it. 

“Whose D13?” 

Kyane took it. “that’s the a.i. in the suit. i have an app that lets it interact with my phone.” 

Desmond nodded. “Sure, right,” he said in a way that was not sure, or right. 

She answered the phone and tapped on the speaker. “hey, die, what’s up? i see you’re back online.”

“I have regained most of my logistical functions. How are you feeling?”

“busted ribs, bruised insides and outsides, cut lip.” She looked at Desmond. He smiled. A warmth spread through her body. “so pretty good.”

“Your summary of injuries is very interesting compared to the hospital’s documents.”

“you’re not good at small talk. so, what is the problem?”

“We have a small team of raptors come through. I have sent for a Jeep to transport you to the site.”

“Own personal Lyft, I like that.” 

“i’m on sick leave, die. i can’t go. send my grandpa. he can take care of a couple stragglers.” She kept examining Desmond. She wanted to kiss him again if she wasn’t sure her face would explode in pain. 

“He is in a meeting with the others about the UDC situation. You are the only one who can go-your ride is here.” Headlights blasted through the blinds and into the room. 

“fine,” Kyane huffed. She stood up. A sting ran down her side. She held it while she put on her bracelets. She needed two hands for the belt. “i’m sorry, desmond. i will pay you back next time.”

Desmond grabbed her hand. “Na-uh!” He rose. “I’m going with you.”

“what? no.”

“Your parents said I could help.” He flicked his nose. “Plus, I did help you take two of them out before. I can take them. Give you some backup since you’re injured.” 

“Still, this is, like, really dangerous.”

“I wanna do it Ky!” He stretched his arms out. “It’ll be something different.”

Kyane’s head flashed with an image of her and Desmond on the mall dance floor fighting the raptors. Her heart didn’t stop fluttering the whole time. She smiled. “fine.” She walked to the door and grabbed her jacket. “hurry up. innocent people to save.” 

The two went outside and saw the Jeep idling in the driveway. The soldier in the driver’s seat had buzzed, short, gray hair. He had on a vest with a sidearm attached. He opened the passenger door for Kyane. “oh no,” Kyane said when she saw who it was.

“Who is he?”

“Jerry’s lap-guard-watchdog.”

 “My name is Lt. Vic Spencer.” He extended his hand for a shake. Neither one took his offer. 

“And he talks,” Kyane said. “That’s a first.”

“I have been cleared by Col. Saucher to take you to the site.” Desmond opened the back passenger door. Vic turned to look at him. “Is he clear to go?”


Vic dug around the middle console of the Jeep and tossed Desmond a vest, then took out a sidearm. “Have you fired a gun before?” He took the piece out and cocked it back.

“No. Not really.”

Kyane put her hand on the gun and lowered it down. “i’ve found that guns aren’t too good against these guys. They’re quick.”

“Fine.” Vic tucked the gun back into the console. He shifted into reverse.

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