Triassic Invasion – The Final Chapter, Period 4 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 4

A raptor pounced onto one of the guys. The guy held the raptor back by his neck. The raptor snapped its ferocious jaw. One of the other guys kicked the raptor in the side. The raptor rolled into the street. A second raptor came up behind the two guys and whipped them in the head, then dragged them by their feet. The third guy backed away. The raptors encircled him. Their humid breath was suffocating. The hum of an incoming car caught the raptor’s attention. 

One raptor turned to see the Jeep barreling down at them with the blue visor of Dieous staring them down from the roof. Dieous tapped the roof. The Jeep skidded hard to the side. Dieous flew off and close lined two raptors, then reached her hand out to the guy. 

“can you speak. my voice is still gone?”

“Of course, Kyane.” D13 pipped his voice through the speakers. “Here to help you, sir. I hope these hooligans were no harm to you.”

“They got my boys, man.”

“We will save your boys.” A raptor stood up and slashed Dieous in the back. “After I deal with these hooligans.”  Dieous turned only to get a face full of teeth. The third raptor knocked the guy out and dragged him to join his friends. 

Desmond stepped out of the Jeep and saw the two raptors on Dieous, and third dragging the guy into the store. Desmond looked and Vic and pointed to Dieous then took off into the store. He ran down the street and lunged at the raptor dragging the guy. “Let go of him you ancient ass chicken!” 

They flew through the broken window and rolled into a dining room set. He stood up and stretched his body. The raptor kicked him in the knee. Desmond fell and the raptor followed with a whip to the face. Desmond’s vision blurred. He saw the outline of a chair, grabbed it and smacked it across the raptor’s face. The raptor fell to the side. Desmond stood up only to feel the weight of a raptor slam onto his back and send him gliding across the table and knocking down the chair on the other side. 

Vic stepped out of the jeep and fired at the raptors on Dieous. It didn’t look like it had any effect. Dieous rolled around and pushed them off. The raptors flew backward into the air and crashed onto the pavement. She rushed over to the first one who stood up. Punched them in the chest, elbowed their face, then flipped them onto their back. Vic fired at the second raptor the bullets hit the ground. The raptor turned and leaped at him.

“i said no guns.” 

“I see why.” Vic holstered his gun and took out a knife. The raptor wrapped his tail around the knife-hand. Dieous ran over to him. Vic looked and saw Desmond take the tumble over the table. “Get him.” He nodded. 

Dieous nodded. She ran past the raptor and Vic and jumped feet first through the window. The glass rained down inside. Dieous kicked the dining table. It flew out and knocked into the raptor. He flipped forward out of the fall. The raptor who got knocked with the chair stood up. Dieous punched him back down. 

Desmond stood up and brushed the glass off of himself. “I totally had them babe.”

“of course.” Dieous scanned the room and saw the fifth raptor dragging the two men to the portal. “then i’ll save them.” Dieous leaped onto the table and boosted off it to the bedroom section. The raptor held the guys up to the portal. The men began breaking creaking and leaking red dust into the portal they were ceramic plates, or glass screens. Dieous jumped off a bed and kneed the raptor into the portal. A bolt of green lightning blasted the raptor back into Dieous. Dieous spun him around punched him, then kicked his knee. 

The raptor that got hit by the table stood up, wrapped his tail around an end table and hurled it at Desmond. The raptor Dieous punched looked up and hissed. Desmond raised his arm to punch. The end table collided with Desmond at the forearm. He felt an uncomfortable pop coarse through his arm. “Yoww-holy!” The side of his arm bulged. The two raptors jumped him. 

Dieous flipped around to see them attack. She blasted his engines and bounded across the store in two jumps, ending the second jump with a devastating punch to the raptor’s face.

The raptor in the bed section stood up, picked up the men and continued breaking them down. Bolts of lightning cracked against the men’s skin and left ash floating into the portal. 

Vic struggled with the raptor in a push and pull. The raptor clashed at his side but just hit the vest. Vic stepped in, wrapped his leg behind the raptor’s and pushed. They fell. He tossed his knife to the non-wrapped hand, then twirled the blade downward and stabbed the raptor in the chest. Green blood flowed from the wound. The tail loosened from around his wrist. He untangled the tail and went inside and froze when he saw it. 

Dieous continued to pummel the raptors face. Desmond held his arm tight. The other raptor shakily stood back up. “get desmond to a hospital. i’ll take care of these guys.” He punched again, and again, and again. Vic wrapped Desmond’s arm and helped him to the Jeep. They looked back. Dieous kept pounding at the now empty floor. Completely unaware that her foe had destabilized at all. 

Dieous couldn’t feel time pass. All the focus stayed on what he did to Desmond. He felt his hand touch the hardwood floor. The raptor had destabilized at some point. She couldn’t remember when. She looked up, the other raptors and guys were gone. She curled onto the floor. A pit formed in her stomach. She dove headfirst in.

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