Triassic Invasion – The Final Chapter, Period 5 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 5

Kyane met Desmond at the hospital. His arm was raised up on a stack of pillows. She entered the room holding herself. It was dark with just a single light on above him.  Her hair fell in front of her face. Desmond offered her a seat. She just stood the whole time. “Did you get them?” he asked. 

“no.” She moved her hair aside. It just fell back down. “it’s my fault. you shouldn’t have been out there.” She shook her head. “i got distracted by you being in trouble that i didn’t save those guys. now they’re gone or dead or whatever!” 

“No,” Desmond said. He sat up. The popping pain blasted itself through his arm. He crippled back. “I wanted to go. I knew the risk. So, they got away. Well we can get them next time.” 

“no.” Kyane kept shaking her head. “i will get them.”

A knock came from the door. “H- he-hey. How are-how are you feeling?” Jamie said. 

“Yeah, what happened, man,” added Harry behind him.

“Clean fracture,” Desmond said. He tried to raise his arm. It sent a pain down his arm. “How did you know about this?”

“Jerry told me.”

“And he told me. We rushed over here.”

“of course, it was jerry.” Kyane kicked the floor. 

“What happened?” Jamie asked. He took off his messenger bag and sat down in the chair Kyane refused.

“Got hit by a table.”

“Like fell on a table?”

“like a raptor threw a table and broke his arm.”

“What!?” Harry exclaimed.

“It’s cool. We have a weird life,” Desmond said. “I’m pretty sure a couple of the nurses know me by name.”

“They know mine,” Jamie said. 

“they should know mine.”

A silence filled the room. 

Kyane still trembled. 

“Who’d have thought the semester would have gone like this?” Desmond said.

“I don’t think like anyone did,” Harry said.

“I-it is different.”

Kyane continued to tremble. Her eyes drifted up for only a second. She saw Desmond’s casted arm. It was all her fault. She knew it and yet they kept her around. They hated her; she knew it. She got up and left. The only note of her leaving was the slamming of the door behind her.

“Wh… w… what’s wrong with her?”

“It’s pretty obvious.” Harry pointed to Desmond. 

“I told her it was my fault for wanting to come anyway.”

“Bu-but why is she upset?”

“I got hurt!”

“Yeah, you got hurt,” Harry said. He balled his fist. “All that seems to happen is that we get hurt now! Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why!?” Harry said. “Why did we agree to get involved? Why did you agree to get involved?” He pointed to Desmond. 

“We both agreed to help Jamie.”


“No, I mean beyond that! You found out your girlfriend was a superhero, and instead of just accepting it or whatever you dove in. In fact,” Harry looked around the room for the words, “in fact you have been doing a lot for her. Why?”

“Cause I like her, dude. I told you that.”

“But why her? You were feeling her really since we drove by her a few weeks ago. I saw it on your face! Why?” He stood up and paced the room. “She was rude to you, to us. She is kind of obnoxious, holds back information, and is kind of a bit-”

“Stop!” Desmond said. “Do not finish that word!” He looked out the window. It was night. The city lights reflected off the trees. “Why? I-I… Because I want more. I was bored with constantly just playing the sports and the normal, and the usual. She was not that! Jamie is not that! I got bored and wanted to do something more. Something different. It may be dumb. But I want to do it.” Harry looked away. “We’ve been friends since like fifth grade. We’ve always agreed and did stuff. Just, but just seeing her told me something would come. I wanted that something.”

“I understand, man. I do. I just don’t. I knew this was coming. I thought I could handle it after the lieutenant took us hostage. I wanted to.” He tightened a grip around his phone. “Just it keeps going. They attack you at the mall, then all of us at the restaurant. I don’t want to see where it goes next with you guys. I just can’t. I’m sorry.” He checked his phone. “Right.” He looked up. “Because of your injury you’ll be out the last game. The coaches did get you and your two friends’ special seats to be with you.” He turned and left. “I hope you come, man.”

“Har-” Desmond tried to speak, but he already passed the window.  

Harry walked past Kyane, who just stood against the hospital wall, holding herself. He stood in front of her for a second. Vic came up on the other side. He spotted Harry and just gave him a shake of the head. Harry huffed and left. Vic took a spot next to her. “How are you holding up?”

“how do you think? desmond is hurt, and it’s my fault.”

“I’ve seen you grapple with a lot of problems in my time with you and Jerry. Those were things I could never have done when I was your age.”


“I know I have been just background in all of this, but I just wanted you to know that if you aren’t alone.”

“what do you mean?”

“We’ve all got a guilty conscience.” Vic adjusted his stance. “When I was on tour in one of the I-places in the Middle East. It’s been so long now I can’t remember. My team and I were put in charge of rescuing hostages in a terrorist hideout. We were to go in, take the terrorists out and get the hostages. Simple mission. Did a thousand simulations like it before. Only, when it was time to breach the door there was an IED that blew up. Two good friends of mine were the ones that took the hit. I was in the back.” He sighed. “We excavated them back and finished the mission. When I got back to base, they were both dead. K.I.A. They were in the front because I told them it would be better. That should have been me that was dead.” He rubbed the bridge of his nose. “I was supposed to take point and chickened out. Every time I saw-see, I don’t know, but just when I think about them, I can only see them staring at me like they knew I was a coward.” 

“i’m sorry.”

“Thanks. It wasn’t until later that I realized that they still chose to take point. They could have let me stay as the point on the op, but they chose to take it. If I had died, they would have felt bad for not taking that for me. Once I figured that out, I decided to live like they would have wanted. I mourned them, but then carried on.” He put his hand on her shoulder. “Desmond is alive. He will be okay. He’s a good kid. Just know that he wants to do it and help you because you feel like this.”

“Because I feel guilty and hate myself?” Kyane’s voice echoed the roll of her eyes.

“No, because it shows you really care.” He pointed to them. “Just like they do. 

Kyane looked in the window at Desmond and Jamie.

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