Hot 100 Review: my future by Billie Eilish

Watch the video:

I think Billie Eilish can be a great artist she just rarely is… for me. Of course all reviews are opinions, none moreso than music, but opinions nevertheless. On top of that I can only have a take on an artist based on how much of them I’ve listened to. With Billie Eilish I have listened to “Bad Guy” and loved it, listened to another song I don’t remember (I even reviewed that one), and then did her James Bond theme song. That last one in particular feels exactly like the tone she’s going for, which means…

The song never starts. Okay, that’s not true, it does start in the purely technical sense of the word, and does eventually out some life in itself, but aside from only a small bit of time, barely a minute, the song is a lifeless mess. It’s mostly a piano ballad, but without, say John Legends technical prowess with the instrument or powerful vocals it feels like a the musical equivalent to Nyquil (or Zzzquil for normal people. I can’t take NyQuil or I’ll be out for days).

Unfortunately, for the song, it’s lyrics don’t help it. They are incredibly straightforward and do not mince words when conveying what it is about. It makes the title of the song clever, and I’ll get to why, but it’s not a cleverly written song.

The future Billie is referring to is a future version of herself that she is happy with. It is a self-empowerment/self-improvement (anthem??) song. Hence the title of “my future” literally means the future of who she will become. It’s neat, but the song explains all that in great detail, though leaves out what she actually wants to improve.

The video is a visual representation of that self-improvement idea. It is a beautifully animated Billie Eilish walking into the rain only for the rain to stop, the sun to come out, and eventually be lifted up by the ground below her. It’s gorgeous and straightforward, just like the song. If it is about self-improvement then maybe it should be a garden she’s tending to or something, not just a random forest, but it still works.

This is a nothing song. It’s a sleep aid at best. It’s drowsing, tedious, and direct. I would say the same about her James Bond song, but that had some lyrical interests in it to spice it up. This has nothing. It’s the equivalent of looking out at the stars at night trying to sleep and counting sheep.

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