After a long hiatus from posting, I am happy to announce that I AM BACK. For a period it seemed like I was posting a review every day and while that is good for you all, it did start to burn me out a bit. Along with no new movies, it made my drive to watch movies lowered a bit. Between the pandemic, a new baby coming, and starting a new job, it seemed that I would never make it back to posting and that started to eat away at me. I respect all of the followers we have so far and Connor has been doing a fantastic job at keeping the site running on his own with his content. I have been carefully monitoring the site daily just to keep up with how things were going and I was impressed by how much content Connor was able to keep up with and continue posting whether it be his Hot 100 reviews, page a day, editorials, and his movie and tv reviews. I just want to take a second to thank him for all that he’s done over these past few months as we all should. A true show of excellence.

I believe it was my drive for wanting to write (or type) that lowered the most, so I decided to find something that could bring that drive back. I began an outline for a story idea that I am very proud of and is still being actively developed. I plan to continue work on that project and as it comes together more, I will be giving updates about it. In the meantime however, I will be bringing back reviews and other various posts that I hope you all will enjoy. I have played through many video games lately as well as movies and shows I’ve been watching and I’ve been keeping up with the NBA Playoffs. All of that is going to culminate in the various posts that I will start bringing to you all. A little something for everyone.

Movie theatres are also starting to open back up, something that I already have a post idea for. All of us should be excited for the release of new movies like The New Mutants and Tenet. I hope that with that, all of us will grow more excitement again for the movie industry, something that will help build the drive for many of us. 

If there is anything that you guys want us to talk about or review then please let us know. I know that we are open to talking about anything no matter what it is, even WAP for Connor, something that I personally would have passed on, but I’m glad he took one for the team. Anyways, again I would like to thank Connor for keeping this ship afloat while I have been taking a break. I hope to come back at this with a truly great return for all of you. Please keep supporting us and let us know if you have any ideas, comments, questions, or concerns.

Be sure to email us at Towercitymedia@gmail.com and follow us @TowerCityMedia. Also be sure to check out Connor’s Ebay page to see if he has anything available that you may like!

Thanks to all of you!


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