Hot 100 Review: Savage Love (Laxed-Siren Beat) by Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685

Watch the video:

Jason Derulo is a really interesting artist. He’s been around quite a while for someone whose songs are usually maligned. I always found him fun, but misusing his powers of a great voice to make really dumb songs. Not all bad. Wiggle is one of my favorite songs for its utter stupidly and silliness (kind of like WAP in that regard).

Savage Love, this remix with Jawsh 685, might be the best single he’s ever had. Part of that comes from the new, Laxed-Siren beat. It gives it just enough life to feel emotionally impactful without being too bare like the original or animated like the remix with BTS of all people. It pairs well with his voice, Derulo’s secret weapon. Together they give an enjoyable mix that’s easy to get lost in.

Lost would be the operative word for the lyrics. Theyre not incoherent or seeming nonsequiters like FRANCHISE. They all make sense and pair well together. But the problem is the use of the titular words “savage love.”

The context around the title line all works. Narrator finds himself in a relationship he didn’t expect to fall hard for only to find out the person got with him to spite an ex. Unfortunately more feeling develope into the savage love.

From the lines in the song it should be straightforward. “Savage love/Did somebody, did somebody/Break your heart?,” “But your savage love/When you kiss me/ I know you don’t give two fucks,” and “You could use me
‘Cause I still want that (Your savage),” all feel like they explicitly say she is a tough heartbreaker who can hold her own but will drop a guy in a second. Only the framing is confusing. The narrator plays that as a good thing since he’s fallen for her, hence the upbeat music. The seems discordant to what the intentions of the song should be. Savage love doesn’t sound like love but lust. That’s fine too, but doesn’t make sense. In fact, the original, more low key, version of the song would work better in that regard because as the song is now it feels more like Jason is hooking up with someone who just got out of a long term relationship and sees them as his end goal. All of that being done under the influence of party supplies. That’s not bad, but seems misguided.

The video is of Jason recording the song, drinking and brooding with his dog. It’s a simple video that supports the more inebriated nature I mentioned above, and brings a far more conflicted nature up to the surface. The song alone feels celebratory while the video makes it seem like he’s so unsure of if he should be with the woman. She is using him but that is also what makes him like her… I think? It’s a very simple but effective video. I am also a sucker for high contrast neon along dark rooms (Hence why I contributed to half the view count on Starboy by The Weeknd).

For all the talk of confusion over the title and it’s meaning I find that to be so little of the song. That’s the downfall of writing as I think. I spend so much time of stuff that doesn’t matter because it’s more interesting. I find the song a lot of fun. It’s not as grating, dude-bro, and faux-player as his previous hits. His voice work is amazing even if he uses voice manipulation too much for effect, and love the beat. The opening bars are seared into my brain. It’s a really fun song that has a word combination that confuses me.

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