Hot 100 Review: Lemonade by Internet Money (feat. Don Toliver, Gunna, & Nav)

Watch the video:

One of the few bonuses this ever changing chart has brought in our new world is the constant influx of new and varied artists. This whole series, really, but the artists most of all have helped expand my tastes some. That does come without it’s own caveats of course. The worst of these come out in this of all songs, they can be so repetitive and unoriginal.

Lemonade is not a bad song. It plays real hard on those last days of summer vibe (just ignore the fact it’s almost November. Yeah Global Warming totally isn’t a thing…) which makes it easy listening music. The lyrics are often so simple that they can get stuck in your head, but not in a malicious ear wormy way some do. Instead as just a song you kind of remember. It’s fine. The issue is that it doesn’t have all that much to say and it doesn’t wholly work in that way.

The song is less nonsense than, say, the Travis Scott song from a couple weeks ago. That felt far more like incidental music to be played in a movie. This feels like a normal gangster rap song with a twist (of lemon-lime). It hits all the usual cliches of those kinds of songs but with the change that it doesn’t seem as explicitly about being good musicians. I mean it is implied, but much more of the song is about selling and taking prescription drugs as uppers and downers than doing their raps good (think people can tell that’s a joking way to say that?). It does standout in that way. When talking about the rockstar life they focus more on the money and fame than actual accomplishments that stem from music. Maybe more songs are like that than I think, but it stands out.

In fact, lots of the drug references stand out because the song, though not incredibly tightly written, does feel like it’s about the effects of taking drugs. Not in the lyrics but in the delivery. They mention Xanax and Percocet often, and at the start of verses, the subsequent verses then sound like they were recorded while on those drugs or to mimick the effects of said drugs. Heck, apparently Lemonade, the title of the song and, you know, famous summer beverage can also be a perscription filled beverage (I guess Lean is out).

The video supports the idea the song was either made on or supposed to represent drugs, Lemonade (I can’t- I mean I can, but I can’t believe that’s a form of alcohol or way to get messed up) specifically, by having the trio of rappers doing the song in a fish bowl full of lemonade. Outside of that and the scariest girl in the whole world, it’s a pretty generic video. Just driving and fronting for the camera.

Though I have never taken any of the prescriptions drugs mentioned in the song I have been intoxicated before. In that state everything is fun at the time. Unfortunately after you go to bed so much of that had become a blur and just unmemorable. That’s this song. Fun but unmemorable. Considering something like The Box, which is just as generic, can hit so differently, I almost want to assume the drug focus was on purpose so that me saying it’s unmemorable is the point. Unfortunately, even if that is the case, being unmemorable on purpose still makes you unmemorable.

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