One Piece Volume Cover Rankings Worst to Best #60-#51

Part 5? I think…Maybe this is Part 4. I should be keeping track of this, but I’m actually typing all of this in big chunks rather than right before I post each one. As I said at the end of the last part, this is the point where I really started to struggle the most on some of these rankings. It’s not so easy to explain some of them as they pass the eye test, but I do try my best to explain my reasoning behind each one. It may be as simple as design or something like purpose or memorability but either way. This is an open discussion for you to also tell me what you think! With that, let’s move on to #60-#51!

60. Volume 53

The colors in this volume are just great and pleasing on the eyes. The rainbows and everything add a sharp turn in tone from where we last left off with Luffy and the crew. We also get a look at Boa Hancock for the first time on a cover with her sisters next to her. It adds a sense of wonder as Luffy traverses this new island. We also get a look at Ace’s vivre card in Luffy’s hand which plays an important part in this volume. This volume really just passes the eye test. It’s also memorable because of all of the colors.

59. Volume 46

Ah yes, another sense of adventure volume. This time featuring the zombie world of sorts known as Thriller Bark, starring the talking skeleton himself Brook. Brook for some reason was one of my most anticipated members to be added. I knew that he was a member prior to reading this volume, but as soon as I got it and I saw him on the front, I was so excited. He’s one of the more fascinating and fun characters to see and all of this is followed up by the background of all of the zombies chasing our crew. The “weak trio” are all terrified and Luffy is of course as excited as he could be. This cover perfectly shows the sense of adventure as well as the contrast of personalities between Luffy and the others. And Brook looks like he’s literally making a grand entrance on the cover. 

58. Volume 80

And in other news. This is one of the volumes that I call the elsewhere volumes. It’s the one that gives us the chapters immediately following the wrap up of our crew on their latest adventure. We typically see important moving pieces as well as new bounties for our crew revealed. This one is particularly cool because we first see Luffy and Rebecca in the center that references the part in the story where Luffy is trying to get her to her father before he leaves. It’s touching and fantastic. We also get glimpses at Sengoku, Tsuru, and Issho which is always nice, but the return of Buggy is just great. He’s a character that has really developed into something special, and I am very curious to see where his story ends up going. I just like most of everything going on in this cover.

57. Volume 86

One of the best things to come out of the first half of One Piece before the timeskip were the Supernovas. Something that Oda came up with at the last minute to introduce and they are all very unique in their own right. They are some of the coolest characters and some of my favorites to learn more about. Anytime I can learn more about them and see them in action, I instantly eat it up. The best part about this cover is of course the inclusion of the Firetank pirates and Capone Bege, but on top of that we also see Sanji and Pudding in their wedding attire. This volume is one of the most important ones in this arc and the cover is telling of exactly what is going on. It’s fun and serious at the same time and if you know One Piece but aren’t caught up this far, you instantly see it and wonder what the hell is going on. It’s great. 

56. Volume 28

I really don’t know why I like this cover as much as I do, but something about it just seems great and perfect. Wiper and crew look awesome and our Straw Hat crew look awesome as well. In an arc that I really don’t like that much, this cover is more impressive than most of what happens in it. It just passes the easy eye test of being cool.

55. Volume 85

Jinbei is one of my favorite characters in One Piece and I always love seeing him strike a fighting pose on a cover. He rounds out the inclusion of some of the lesser represented crew members that show up in this arc. Brook, Nami, and Chopper all have important roles in this arc with Brook being a huge highlight. We see a battered Luffy in the center ready to take on anything that comes to him, but we also have new important characters Pedro and Carrot. Reiju also plays a more important role in this volume as more details come out about her relationship with Sanji. It’s memorable and balanced well visually. 

54. Volume 54

I always like seeing new and different characters on the covers and in this case we visit Impel Down with Luffy who is breaking in to try and save Ace. The prison guards are mostly showcased on this cover, but the most important of the bunch are Hannyabal and Magellan. Hannyabal plays a more important role in this volume that gives his character some depth and interests me to see more from him. Magellan also shows as being striking and imposing, a character that should come back in the future at some point, but I doubt will. It’s a glimpse into one of the better arcs in the series with characters that unfortunately we may never see again.

53. Volume 47

Yet again, we have another volume that shows off some of the key villains in the arc, this time being the Thriller Bark arc and Moria’s crew. It is an interesting group of villains that are shown off here and I really kind of like this arc, especially Absalom and his interesting connection with Sanji. The only downside is having Luffy in the center here when again I wish it was just a cover with the villains, but it still looks good.

52. Volume 67

This is one of those wild covers that is just bonkers. You wouldn’t understand what’s going on if you haven’t read One Piece and you would probably think that this is just some kind of wild ass story. With that being said, this cover is a perfect representation of the fun that Oda has when he writes certain stories in One Piece. The body switch that we have with many of the characters in this volume is both entertaining and interesting to see how things play out. The cover gives you enough characters to wonder what exactly is going on, but to also have you excited to open it up to find out. We also get Monet as a new character in the background to peak some new character interest. This cover does so much right, but is so off the wall wild that I just love it. 

51. Volume 25

What in the world is happening in the world! Here is one of our first good looks at some major players in the world as we head into the Skypiea arc. We get a look at Buggy and Shanks, something that we haven’t seen in a while up to this point. The most interesting part of this cover though is having Blackbeard and Luffy standing in similar positions on the cover showing a sort of connection. At the time we didn’t know much about Teech, but found that he was similar to Luffy in many ways. This is telling with the cover, and is also a bit sad to see with where Teech ends up going after these events. It’s a look at these two characters and the future possibilities of them meeting again. Everything works on this cover for all the right reasons.

I don’t think I had that much to say negative about any of these covers. They are all pretty good for different reasons, but are also held back by just not having enough to put them over the edge of being amazing. We are getting closer on the list to the ones that really start to become incredibly difficult to judge. I know that there are some volumes in this part that you could make an argument for being higher on the list and I wouldn’t argue with you. 

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