One Piece Volume Cover Rankings Worst to Best #50-#41

Yeah I have lost all track of which part I’m actually on now. I think this is 5 or 6 but oh well. Welcome though to the top 50 of this rankings list that is so much longer than I actually thought it would be when I first came up with the idea. I’m not sure if this is actually something people are interested in or not, but I’m having a lot of fun doing it. The cool part is that I rank them of course just out of fun, but I also get a chance to actually talk about each individual cover. Something that I intend on doing for each new volume that will be released. I may even do some other series, it just depends on where I’m at after I finish this one. We’ll see. With that, let’s go on to #50-#41!

50. Volume 33

Hell Yes. This is the Afro Luffy volume cover. Foxy was never that great or cool design wise, but this is one of the most slept on mini arcs in the whole series. It is somewhat throwaway and not necessary all that much, but it is one of my favorite Luffy moments. Seeing him with the Afro is just so much fun and shows that Oda can tell a smaller story in a bigger world and still have fun doing it. This cover does nothing really other than get me pumped for the fact that it’s the Afro Luffy arc. Sorry I can’t say more. 

49. Volume 19

Luffy is making fun of Sanji, Usopp is laughing, and of course we get the dramatice looks from the other protagonists of the Alabasta arc. I think I just like this cover because of the mocking that Luffy is doing of Sanji and of how cool the other characters look in the background. I don’t think the cover is all that special from others, but it does enough to serve the purpose of showcasing a highlight moment from the volume as well as some of the important players. It passes the quick eye test and I really like it. 

48. Volume 23

This volume holds more memories for me than it probably does for others and that’s part of the reason I have ranked higher than many others. When I first started reading One Piece before I ever owned any myself, I was reading volumes that were available in my school library. They had volumes all the way up to volume 22, so I never got to read the finale of the Alabasta Arc. When I finally started buying the volumes myself, it was an experience in and of itself for me finally getting to read this one. The cover itself is also very important in showing Vivi as the focus surrounded by the Straw Hat’s. They surround her because even though they are pirates and she’s not, she’s still surrounded by her friends. This is also where the series for me really starts to find its footing despite going right into Skypiea. So many good memories with this volume.

47. Volume 91

The best thing about this cover is that we get to see all of the crew on the front in their new Wano outfits. Wano is an arc that I along with so many others have been eagerly awaiting and the costumes are all really cool, especially Luffy and Zoro’s. The bad thing about this cover though is that while it does show all of the crew, they shaft Robin by having her face covered by the volume number. There are a lot of times that I feel like Robin is shafted and it just sucks. Why can’t she be given a better look on the cover rather than just being shoved to the corner and mostly covered up. It sticks out to me and holds this cover back from being higher on the list. 

46. Volume 95

I actually love this cover quite a bit, surprising though that it didn’t rank higher for me. If you asked me another time it might move up, but I love the armor that Luffy, Brook, and Chopper are wearing. The coolest part though is having the four emperors in the background. The only bad thing though is that I wish they were showcased a bit better than they are. I really have no big problems with this cover. It doesn’t really say much about what’s going on in the volume so that’s a bit of a downside, but it still looks good and I like it. 

45. Volume 88

This cover is actually very clever and unique. The shattered glass effect that we see so that we can break up different faces is purposeful because of the shattering of mirrors in the volume. Luffy at the center breaking the glass makes sense and works well. It showcases all of the important protagonists in this volume with the best being the Sulong form of Carrot at the very top. The moon explains the transformation and it immediately makes me think of the badass moment when Carrot makes that transformation and starts going ham on everyone. It’s just a great cover.

44. Volume 62

I probably shouldn’t have this one as high up on the list as I do, but there’s a little more sentiment to me than some others. This is a sense of adventure cover where we see Luffy as he comes into Fishman island. An island that we all eagerly awaited and finally got. It’s a beautiful place with so much to offer creatively and it’s shown in the cover. The sentiment part is that this is the second New World I bought and had to wait for its actual release. I was so excited to get this volume and see everything inside. The cover though does it’s job at being a true representation of how grand Fishman island is and I love it. The colors are also all fantastic.

43. Volume 90

What in the world is going on everywhere else?? Yes, it’s one of those volumes again, and this one is pretty simple in what it’s showing, but it’s what it shows that gets me and I’m sure many others, so excited. It’s the volume that we get the Reverie and a true return to some of our greatest characters and ally’s from earlier in the series. Vivi, Cobra, Sabo, Lucci, and yes even Wapol all make their grand reappearance in this volume and on the cover. It’s one of my favorite volumes for the simple fact that we get to see all of these characters again and it was an instant pleasure and excitement to buy as soon as it was released.

42. Volume 83

It only took 83 volumes, but we finally get ourselves neck deep in the Yonko territory and storyline as we come into Whole Cake Island. I love the art and visuals of this cover between the colors and all of the new and different characters represented. The biggest one of course being our first true cover look at Big Mom and the significance of her inclusion in the story. It was volume 45 that we first learned a little bit about her and now we actually get so see her on this cover. It’s the real start to her arc and a great cover to get myself excited about reading through her arc and learning more about her. Visually though the cover is just great and is everything it should be. Big Mom doesn’t look that mean, is she?

41. Volume 71

Our crew get their Dressrosa costumes. Their disguises I should say in black suits and looking pretty cool and funny at the same time. The Dressrosa arc has a lot of moving parts and one of them being Luffy’s eventual formation of his Grand Fleet. It’s a fleet of all of these other pirates that choose to follow him despite him not wanting them too. At the time of this cover though, that point wasn’t known yet, but looking back on it now, it just seems fitting to have all of them represented on this cover. The most interesting one though being Bellamy who makes his return in this arc. I hope to see him as an eventual ally, but overall I love how this cover showcases all of these new characters and how they will eventually play an even bigger role.

We are almost there, sort of. We have only a few more parts left before we finally make it to the end of this very long ranking. I am excited as we carefully approach the top tier of this list and some of the all time best covers not just for me but for many people that I’m sure would agree. It’s starting to be less about whether the volume is representing the right way and more about the cover just being awesome and representing the peak of One Piece and Eiichiro Oda’s skill.

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