Hot 100 Review: THE SCOTTS by Travis Scott & Kid Cutti

Watch the video:

Travis Scott and Kid Cudi are two fairly popular rappers. Travis Scott does not feel nearly as tied down to formula and convention as Cudi does. Also both of their names are Scott. Hence the song/their new band name.

It is fairly common for musicians to name albums after their own name, but songs not so much. But THE SCOTTS is a different breed. The song THE SCOTTS is less an actual song and more just a tech demo for what these two artists with the same name can do tougher. To that end it is at least an interesting experiment.

THE SCOTTS as a song has a great atmosphere, beat, and hook. The whole tone feels like a techno whirlpool. It gives a strong impression with no way to really mistake these beats for anything else.

The lyrics on the other hand… well, Genius says that Travis Scott pioneered psychedelic rap, and that really is what it feels like. There are two verses. One by Scott and the other by Scott (lol, Kid Cudi) that don’t really have any substance other than just to hype them up, make them sound cool, and show off their possible flow and chemistry as a duo. In that respect it works.

Neither verse really works as a whole, or played off each other really. There is some overlap and setup/pay off, but the lyrical stand out are individual lines. Some are legitimately good. Others make no sense, but sound like they match, and many sound like filler.

Even with that though the lyrics don’t really seem to matter. As a bias of myself I hyper focus on lyrics to make sense of the song, only, this song is not that. The lyrics are all generic gangster/brag rap that are fine. Their main purpose however is to give off an impression or vibe. With that in mind they work. It gives off a very strong impression of being cool and together without getting into specifics with what that means.

The video was part of a Fortnite event and has a man flying through space as strange astrological events occur. Like giant versions of the singer appear on the battle ground, or a giant planet that explodes. It all just supports the idea of this song being a tech demo and give impression. The music matches the visuals well, and gives off that uncomfortable, stranded in space vibe, but does not have a lot of substance other than that.

It’s hard to say if the song is actually good. As an experiment it is a success. I would be open to more music by THE SCOTTS. That impression it gives off is strong, but could actually use lyrics to help better make that impression cohesive.

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Zoey’s Extraordinary Hype Episode 12 (a Review)

Last episode fell flat. I think it felt like that was illustrated when I watched Upload recently (read the review here). That show felt like a show plotted for streaming, as does this show. The constant plot lines and cuts. The setting up hard for future episodes all feels geared toward a show made for streaming. However, even with that this episodes does not falter or fall in the same way.

Zoey wakes up to find herself singing an omen of doom for the day. Only, it seems anything but. Simon returns no worse for ware. Zoey’s boss gets promoted to running the company due to legal issues with the owner, Max gets his job back, and he and Zoey hook up. Only, the bad moon rises and the worst thing happens. From there it is a long, protracted time with Zoey and her family as the inevitable comes.

Of all the places to start, the fact Max leaves a scene for Simon to drive in literally seconds later is very funny in a way it should not be. That’s not a problem and you have no context for what I am referring to, but starting light is fun.

The acting, singing, direction, everything is really on point. All the songs from “Jealous” to “All of Me” are really well done. They provide a good metric of normal before the hard stuff hits. Unfortunately, the plot line with Mo and his boyfriend is very weak during this and might be setting up more later, if that comes, but as it is now is not a whole lot.

I only bring that up because once the bad news hits the show is on. It is poignant in all the best ways. Uses its premise for a great send off, and really utilizes an actor that hasn’t gotten to do much. The final scene is also just jaw dropping. A oner through a wake while every cast member gets to sing part of American Pie no 1 is absolutely masterful. Not just the ability to do it, but the staging and blocking was impeccable, along with the vocal mixing, and transitions. It is a great final scene to end on.

The show really does have a heart too it, and the final scene, along with the rest of the season shows how something that is very, very strange can also be a great thing. Just wish character didn’t spell that out so literally mod-way through the episode.

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Hot 100 Review: ROCKSTAR by Dababy, featuring Roddy Ricch

Watch the video:

It’s a cliche to note how lame rapper names have gotten over the years. I mean it used to take effort to make fun of rapper names. I mean Eminem, why don’t I call myself “Skittles,” you know, like that is clever or something. Nowadays their own rap names make fun of themselves. That brings us today to Dababy… yes really.

I honestly have not heard much… or anything from him, but do know people who like his music and find it entertaining. There was even a week when four or five of his songs were all on the Top 10 of the Hot 100. They did not last over to the next week for me to cover, but it still impressive. It means his skills must not match the level of intellect his name implies.

A title like ROCKSTAR sets up what the song is about pretty well. It’s about being a, well, star of rock. In specific it’s about being a rockstar gang banger. However the way the song goes about that message is unique, and uses its two artists to convey different sense of what being a rockstar of that type means.

Before getting into that it seems pertinent to look at the chorus since it is the only connective tissue, and has both of them on it. The chorus is almost impressive in the way it seems to roll every single trope of the gangster rap genre into a handful of lines. It starts with bragging about Lambos, having guns, being a rockstar cause they have guns, Glock specifically, and finally love from a significant other. None of the lines really stick out as anything special, but the use of the rockstar is peculiar. It’s phrased as a question. “Have you ever met a real [not gonna say that word] rockstar?” It is then followed up with “This ain’t no guitar… it’s a Glock…” From that perspective it is equating being a rockstar to having weapons. Furthermore with the preceding line phrasing it as a question it shows that they see it as something to brag about and be a sign of privilege and greatness.

Though that is what the chorus is saying it seems like DaBaby does not seem to fully agree with that statement.

His verse is long and split into two parts. The first part focuses on talks about how hard he worked to get where he is now, and that he has a strong connection to his mother who supports him and knows what his life is like. This points to DaBaby seeing being a Rockstar as someone who does the work on their own but still looks out for their family.

The idea of protecting family is further built on in the second part where he details in horrifying detail as he says he gunned down someone to protect his daughter, who now has PTSD. That alone is harrowing enough if it wasn’t deadly true, and illustrates the harm of the life he lives and what it means to be a rockstar. It means always have someone gunning for you (literally in this case), and you having to take responsibility for whatever comes out of that. These lines should honestly be the end to this song, and end to brag raps like these all together.

Unfortunately the song does not end. Roddy Ricch of The Box (which I reviewed. You should read it. It’s good) comes in when a second verse that is enjoyable enough, but feels tone deaf after what DaBaby brought.

Ricch’s verse is usual brag rap where he mentions driving around with guns and bling until he is almost gunned down at a gas station, but something happens. He gets away and says he’ll get them next time. I mean I think that’s what being said. He literally says “I was solo when the opps caught me at the gas station… had it on me, thirty thousand, thought it’d be my last day… but they didn’t even want no smoke… if I had to choose it, murder what she wrote.” If that is indeed he thought he was going to be killed and wasn’t for some reason i don’t know what is.

There is no official video at time of writing, only the release on YouTube, Spotify, etc.

The song is interesting, but ends sort of it an pretty traditional place. That isn’t a problem other than the fact DaBaby basically broke the rules and should be the one to end all raps like this. I really respect him for that and am interested in what other stuff he’s done.

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Hot 100 Review: everything i wanted by Billie Eilish

Watch the Video:

Billie Eilish is one of the new, biggest stars in music. I reviewed her James Bond song a couple weeks… or is months ago at this point. Either way, though that song was not great her biggest hit “Bad Guy” showed her power of her star and musical talent. Her new song “everything i wanted” is an interesting shift.

Now, if you had my frame of reference, part of you would want this to be some cover or twist on Avril Lavigne “My Happy Ending” mostly for the chorus of “You wanted everything that I wanted…” Now, obviously it is not that, but it hits that same emotional nerve of love and loss through what is popular music now. “My Happy Ending” is more about a relationship that fails, meanwhile “everything i wanted” focuses on the harm of fame, and low self-esteem.

The main issue with “No Time to Die” were the lyrics. They were minimal (to be charitable), and left too little of an impression. “everything i wanted” meanwhile hinges on its lyrics. The beat is very lo-fi hip hop feeling. Not intrusive or overbearing. Just used to accent the lyrics in really clever ways.

Since this song is so lyrics heavy it makes sense to jump in.

She starts the first verse by saying she got everything she ever wanted, only it could be a nightmare. This causes her to imagine killing herself by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, but no body cares.

This first verse is hauntingly sung, but sets up the main idea immediately: getting everything you want is not always good, and the fear of being alone and unwanted.

The prechorus sets up that she awakes to find her partner next to her. From there the chorus is her partner saying that if she can find the positive in herself she would lose the self doubt. Only it is more than self doubt. The chorus is straightforward about self esteem. But the ending line “You wouldn’t wonder why you hear ‘They don’t deserve you.’”

That final line is almost genius. Instead of focusing just on negative self esteem it also focuses on that sense of feeling like you have not don’t enough. It is not just that she feels bad, but that she feels like she did something wrong. That idea is built on in the second verse.

In the second verse she describes how she felt like she was drowning, was called weak, that she was surrounded, and most importantly she felt like she had people who all wanted something, and she could not let them down.

The final two lines “Cause everybody wants something from me now, and I don’t want to let them down,” by itself feels very simple. People want her and she doesn’t feel ready for that. Only, in context with the fact she is a Grammy winning artist, those wants from other people are larger and more demanding. She thought she wanted it, but in fact did not.

The song repeats the prechorus and chorus, then ends with her repeating two questions: “If I knew it all then, would I do it again,” and “If they knew what they said would go straight to my head, what would they say instead?” Feel like they are trying to encompass everything the song is about. The placement is weird and should be flipped, but it works to get across the power of her own self doubt, and how she internalized other people’s words.

The video starts with a dedication to Finneas, Billie’s brother. From there it transitions to Billie and a passenger driving a car down Los Angeles to the beach and into the water. The car sinks while Billie and the passenger hold hands. The car descends further, but begins to flood.

The video is definitely a mood setter, and aside from some real dodgy CG, and cutting the song to have the car driving into water sound effects, it is good. It reframes the song interestingly into a conversation. Billie singing in the car next to the passenger gives it the allure of her saying all of it. It makes it confessional in a way the song by itself does not. It also makes the line in the second verse, “But I don’t wanna let anybody know,” stick out because it’s her saying she did not tell anybody how she felt.

The song is good. It’s not super enjoyable to listen to. Or, not enjoyable in the classic sense. It is a well constructed, if vague, narrative about depression (to be clear it is vague because we do not know a how lot other than how she feels. Everything is generic drowning and falling symbolism with no reason. You don’t need a reason, depression is chemical, but not giving concrete “this happened” at least once it’s all ethereal- that’s the point).

The song is not however one that really builds and grows over multiple listens like Say So by Doja Cat. It is straightforward, and matches how we all feel about this pandemic.

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Hot 100 Review: Toosie Slide by Drake

Watch the video:

Drake, for his many faults, is never boring. Well he can be, but even those songs are boring in interesting ways. Toosie Slide absolutely fits that mold.

Toosie Slide wants to be a throwback to dance songs that tell you how to do the dance to the song. Think Cupid Shuffle of Electric Slide. However it is also is a classic Drake gangster song where the goal is to get the with a girl or show off to the guys. That is such an interesting premise that is, I want to say squandered but it is too weird for that, wasted on Drake’s monotone flow and drowning beat.

I think what makes the song so continually listenable is how the dreamlike and repetitive beats mix with Drake’s sleepy voice to get you lost. That, combined with how easily the song loops into itself on continuous listens makes it almost ethereal and endlessly listenable.

This would usually be the time where there is a deep dive into the lyrics. But, going off of how this song wants to be an instructional dance song it’s only fair to tell you the steps. Get a pen or screen shot ready…

Right foot up, left foot slide.

Left foot up, right foot slide.

Phew so exhausted now. Took so much effort to… yeah so the song is not that. Instead the Toosie Slide is about how to get girls. Told by the rest of the chorus, “Basically I’m sayin Esther way we bout to slide ayy… can’t let this one slide ayy.” It’s supposed to be such an alluring dance that the other person just wants you immediately. I am not sure how a dance with less steps than the Hokey-Pokey can do that, but sure (must be cause he’s rich).

The rest of the lyrics are normal Drake-isms. Talking about clothes, how cool you are, all the great stuff you did for family, etc. The only standout lines are “2000 women want to tie the knot, ayy, yeah,” just for its craziness, and “Got so many opps, I be mistaken opps for other opps,” because if you have that much beef with people there is a problem. Also the delivery on both is pretty incredible.

The music video is set in what is best assumed to be Drake’s house in the weird Cribs episode ever. In the video he’s looks like he’s robbing the place in full ski mask and dances around the house. The best part about the video is that the <insert foot here> up bit means the foot literally goes up to the side, not just forward. Also the video wants be one takes. Other than a long intro it’s a fine enough video. Though it ends with him shooting off a bunch of fire works which can’t be legal where he is (it’s okay cause they joke about if they can show that bit or not).

Now, is the song good? I mean this has been mostly a positive look, but is it good? It is not a song made to be listened to for depth or meaning. It’s made to dance to. Now it’s low beats aren’t perfect for that, but it’s overall vibe is so inviting and listenable it’s hard to stop once you’ve started. Just like eating a Tootsie Roll.

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Hot 100 Review: Say So by Doja Cat

Watch the video:

Part of the reason I’ve been doing Hot 100 is to keep up with what is considered modern pop music since I don’t listen to the radio (I mean with music and radio on demand why would you?). This is the first I’ve heard of Doja Cat. I have seen her bubbling in the lower ends of the Hot 100 and is popular with teens.

Going in blind, no preconceptions of what an artist sounds like is fun. In this case it is anyway because it’s a fairly enjoyable song. The fact the songs main beat is heavily lo-fi inspired, or at least 80s synth-wave with a similarly classic hip hop beats in the rap section. This gives the song a very chilled out quality that makes it an enjoyable listen.

A problem the song does have, and something I usually never focus on, is its length. This song is four minutes. That is fairly standard as these go. On this song however it is too long. When I mean a song is too long that does not mean it is literally too long. I mean long in the sense of it does not have enough new ideas per section to carry it. The songs repeating of the chorus constantly, though works in ways I’ll explain in a couple paragraphs, can come off as stalling for time. That, along with the extended outro gives the song a dragged out quality. It being long is not a major problem because I find its soundscape nice to chill in, but does make me check the play length more times than a normal song.

Now going to the actual lyrics the song opens with a chorus. I guess I retract my statement last time about Bieber. In it Doja sings about being with someone, or wanting to be with someone all day, night, and morning but didn’t because she did not know how they felt. She wants the other person to “Say so” in this case meaning how they feel.

In the first verse Doja continues reinforcing that idea of saying how the other person feels. She gives the other person dimension with something about a hard breakup changing them, but she can read that the other person likes her, keeps wanting her but will not say it. Therefore she gives him an ultimatum. A good verse that reinforces what the song is about, and has some fun lines like “we can dance around it all day, but if you front I’ll (Doja) be bouncing.” It’s simple, but puts you in her head ver well.

From there she repeats the chorus. I don’t mind when the chorus is repeated much. It’s part of the structure of pop songs. This song makes that work thematically. The whole point of the song is to get someone to “say so.” That makes the repeating of the chorus over and over her pressing the other person to say how they feel. It really raises the bar in that regard.

From there we get the standout moment, the rap. Doja has a solid flow and delivery as she basically tries to put all of herself out there for the other person. There are some fun lines like her checking her breath. Telling the other person to make a move, and complimenting herself. It really shows her putting herself out there for that other person, and make her move. Also “stop beatin round the bush,” for some reason makes me laugh.

The ending chorus and outro act as reprise, or affirmation. The outros added vocal flairs acting as confirmation on what occurred.

The music video for the song fits, but is nothing special. Set in the 70s Doja has a TV repairman at her house. They flirt but nothing happens so he goes to the club. They fall in love and get the whole discotheque dancing to the song. It fits, has a real great vibe, and though the song is more 80s focused the dance sequence at the end is fitting and still puts me in the same mood the song does.

It’s a really enjoyable song and glad I listened to it. Now I wonder when Physical or Break My Heart will reach my reviewing purview (that being No 1 on the chart and not being one I already covered).

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Zoey’s Extraordinary Hype Episode 9 (a Review)

From breath of fresh air to strong exhale this episode is good.

It’s been a day since Zoey heart sang to both Simon and Max, so must confront them. Mitch’s (Zoey’s father) make nurse is having issues with his daughter Zoey must help. Meanwhile Zoey’s brother and sister in law continue to have marital issues.

The relationship drama between Zoey, Simon, and Max continues to be very grounded, for a show like this anyway. I’ve used the word reasonable because everyone is deeper and has more complex feelings going on other than drama. This is exemplified when Simon is confronted by Mo on Zoey’s behalf and in return Mo realizes Simon is just as confused and hurt as Zoey. The ending of the episode leaves it in an interesting place.

Max on the other hand is in a totally different plot as the 6th floor wants to recruit him. It’s odd to think Joan wasn’t the owner, but sure there is a higher floor. It’s fine, but odd to have someone who can appear and disappear like Batman, as well as be all secretive like it’s a espionage film in this series now, but it’s fine. That too is left on a cliffhanger.

The most interesting plot does concern Zoey as she tries to help the nurse reconnect with his daughter. The reveal of what the silence means is very good, and too is handled well. I mean it could be seen as ableist, but I would not know. The drama does feel genuine, and understand both sides which is all I can ask for.

As far as songs go Mitch and the Nurse have a haunting rendition of Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. Happier by Bastille and Marshmallow is sung as a duet that really works. All the songs are fine. However, the surprise of an ASL song of Fight Song is very impressive. The song by itself is very meh, but making it a string cover with ASL as the “vocals” is good. It works for a very basic song if this is the first time you see something like it, as it is for me.

Always interested to see how everything shakes out in the next episode.

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Hot 100 Review: Intentions by Justin Bieber feat. Quevo

Watch the video:

Oh, Justin, Justin, Justin, I’m honestly surprised to have him return so soon after his disastrous Yummy (boy, never thought I would say that sentence before – I mean write, you get the point). It seemed like a total end of his music chart appearance until the end of the year, or next year, but he has to huddle that album. What better way than to conscript one of the hottest rappers right now to help.

Yeah, we’re just jumping in.

Intentions is an interesting choice to be the next song release. Yummy, for all its myriad issues, does feel like a statement of intent. That intent is trying to make sexy music that is not sexy. I would say Intentions is the same, but instead of gross it is oddly mature. Shocking, honestly. Especially with a vague title like Intentions. It could be anything.

Anything in this case means that Justin’s intentions is to make a girl feel perfect as she is, and that she is self reliant. If I wanted to be lazy I could just go through the first verse of the song cause it is not subtle about its theme. In fact I don’t even need to do that, I can just quote this: “Heart full of equity, you’re an asset.” That one line is the whole point of the song.

In fact, though that line is kind of lame, that equal lame but more adult than average goes into the next verse (which is called the first verse, and the start the chorus which is just weird structurally, but fine) where he starts out by giving a shoutout to the other person’s mom and dad. But, instead of going gross it’s instead an ovation for how well they raised the other person. That’s very clever.

The verse does fall apart in so far as it then talks about how the other person is his muse, and a triple threat, and has a mean touch (I think that’s called abuse Justin. It’s not called “love tap” if it hurts). None of that has anything to do with the thesis of a parental shout out, but still uplifting.

The chorus repeats again, and is still good. I just wan to narrow in on how Justin represents independence with “Stay in the kitchen cookin’ up, got your own bread.” One, very boring stereotype of one person staying in the kitchen, not real expressive or original. But, two, I assume “bread” in this context means money. As in they have their own money. But if they stay in the kitchen cooking for you, Justin, how are they making their money? If it’s literal than it is sexist (assuming he is talking about a woman), and does not support the rest of the chorus.

Hold on…. That line also doesn’t match the rhyme scheme!

Anyway, the second verse is about… well it’s actually hard to tell. They’re all just unique compliments like “Already pass, don’t need no approval (umm that’s a double negative, Justin, but only I would catch that),” or “Don’t need more sponsor, nope, you’re a brand now.” They are really original. He also says to get a ring like Toronto. I did not know Toronto just gave out rings (yes, I am aware that it is about the Raptors winning the national championship, but then he should make that more clear)!

In the third, and final verse, sandwiched between a repeated chorus, Quevo comes in and just continues on the theme about being in a good relationship. Talking about things like fifty-fifty, and to both listen, and that he wants to find a perfect ring. All very heart warming stuff. He also says “Got ’em sayin’ ‘goals,’ they don’t wanna be independent (‘Pendent).” This does not match the song at all, and actual paints this other person as selfish if they do not want to be a strong person, unless independent means alone. In which case he should say that. Just ignore that line I guess. It’s a fine verse either way.

The music video, focuses Bahri, Angela, and Marcy. They are three young women of color trying to improve their community and reach personal goals. Justin and Quevo come along help solve their problems through the Intentions Fund set up. It’s all very heartwarming and nice seeing them give back. Justin and Quevo bond with their family and dance to a song that clearly is not this one because they are moving more than the beat does. It’s a good enough video with a longer version to hear the story of the three women.

My only nitpicks are that Justin wearing a hoodie, beanie, and his terrible mustache makes him look creepy pedophile and Quevo tries to put fingers up to show 50 but does 05. I’m not sure how that one got passed any editors, but it did. Also the video has nothing to do with the song’s theme, but it’s helping people who have a cause so I won’t hold it against the song.

Despite making fun, or nitpicking this song, I don’t think it’s bad. It has a good message, a actually has verses that build on the songs theme, and a nice beat that gives off the image of being at home and just being with your partner. It honestly was just a nice surprise considering his last single.

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Hot 100 Review: Adore You by Harry Styles

Watch the video:

Who would have thought that there would ever be a time when you wished One Direction would get back together. I mean I say that like I’m still a teenager who hates them when I do honestly miss their absolute dorky sincerity. It is also clear that separate from one another none of them have the singular talent to continue a solo career. None of them are the Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, or Beyoncé of this new generation. This all takes us to today’s song “Adore You.”

Adoration is an interesting trait for love songs to constantly go back to. It is in theory what all romances should be, a deep love and respect for the person. It does not feel like a word that should be used lightly, yet it often is. This song is no exception.

Beat-wise I find it to start out really well. It has nice space-like riff and baseline that gets me in a really good mood. That changes once the lyrics come in and it settles into a kind of mundane, basic chord progression and sound. It is not Yummy of Memories bad/bland, but it does kind of just fade away. Something the opening chords definitely do not do.

The first verse is actually fairly good as far as painting an imagine about this lady. A walk in a rainbow paradise and strawberry lipstick state of mind are both amazing lines to start a song out with. He then says that he got lost in her eyes, which is fine, but he did not mention her eyes earlier. Maybe getting lost in her world would be better. That’s just nitpicking. It is a decent enough setup.

In the pre-chorus the narrator says that his girl doesn’t have to say anything to him. Because, as the chorus says he would walk through fire just to be able to adore her “like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do.”

This is at once incredibly ridiculous, hokey, and sincere. So, just because it bugs me he says, “you don’t have to say nothing.” The correct grammar is “anything” but that’s only something that would bother me. The actual chorus itself feels generic. Walking through fire just to be able to adore someone (though you can do that without walking through fire, but that ignores the premise) is not original. However he sings these lines very well, making them feel if not original, like he meant earnestly means it.

Where this chorus breaks down for me is am the “like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do.” I get the point. He’s saying he will walk through fire and adore the person like adoring the girl is the only thing he’ll ever do. However it is hard to not to read it as that being the only thing he’ll ever do. It’s just off phrasing (something I totally empathize with).

The next verse is short. It’s summer and the girl has tanned. I’m assuming this is to indicate time passing. This ties into the pre-chorus where he reiterates she doesn’t have to say anything, but just that she’s been on his mind.

From this we get the chorus with a bridge and outro that reinforce how he would walk through fire just to adore her. In this there is a pretty good guitar riff with interesting reverb on it. From there the song fades well.

Substantial it is not, but does have this vibe that really resonates with me. The video is no help. It has Harry Styles rescue this fish that keeps growing bigger and bigger. He bonds with the fish and helps out the towns people. Then there is a news story about the fish’s school traveling so the town comes together to help the fish back into the ocean.

That makes the banner make more sense, kind of.

There is an even longer cut of the video, but that is the gist. Focusing on a fish is a strange choice. The chorus is all about walking through fire, something you pointedly cannot do for a fish. Also they play a vinyl record of the song in the video which makes me think that Harry is lip-syncing that song and that it’s not his song. It is a weird video that does not match.

The reason I think the song works for me is just how chilled out the beat is, and Harry’s got a fine enough voice as far as these songs go. It is not substantial in any way really, but is pleasing enough to listen too. I fear this is not a standout quality song that will set him apart from the rest of Separate Direction, but it is nice to have on and that isn’t a bad thing either.

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Zoey’s Extraordinary Hype Episode 7 (a Review)

I always try to keep to a schedule. It’s good for everyone, and I think doubly needed in this current climate (and I’m not even talking about the still real climate change killing us as we all get sick). So it is always nice when network TV trudges on. That means so can I!

Coming out of last episode’s conclusion Zoey and Max start to spend more time together. This leads Max to confess his feeling via flash mob. Zoey must now make a confession of her own. Meanwhile Lief and Joan (Zoey’s boss whose name I remember now) continue to work on their information ear piece that leads to messy social problems, also Zoey’s dad gets an in-house aid.

Is it wrong to like being right sometimes. Maybe it’s because it seemed obvious but I do enjoy knowing how certain ideas I predict turn out. The whole boss and employee team up as already help push the story and drama in some very good places. We get more about Leif and his partner Tobin. You could feel it coming, and making it a bromance breakup or separation feels exactly like this shows kind of clever twist.

I could not predict the whole Zoey and Max plot for this episode. I think the flash mob reveal is great, and everything that comes out of it feels really human and natural. The team really knows how to push their characters into a reasonable place and make them be honest without being sappy (for the most part).

Mitch’s hunt for an in home nurse is kind of fun as far as what someone who is dying would want out of their final years over what they might need. I wonder if it is something that will be explored further since that is defiantly a theme very few shows try to tackle.

Oh, and Zoey’s brother is here long enough for their mom to say to stop fighting, and a throw away line that made Zoey’s involvement pay off, breaking what that episode was about, but okay…

The songs in this episode are fine. Zoey’s mother cannot sing, and her doing Elvis does not work. We get some No Doubt which is always a treat, and the rest are fine. No real standouts from this pass.

At this moment it is difficult to say where things will go. Not just in the show, but if the show will continue to air, or even be renewed. I don’t know what viewership is like, but with the nonsense happening around us I am wondering when they will stop airing new episodes and how that will effect the show. In the meanwhile I will keep hyping it up.

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