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HBO’s The Outsider Episode 7 Review

We are almost at the end with episode 7 and in the previous episode, we were left on a cliffhanger that spelled doom for Holly. I was anticipating this episode to take a dark turn and unfortunately give us the death of a great character. Sadly, I was disappointed with how this episode played out. This is the first real disappointing episode that I watched so far. It’s not necessarily the fact that Holly didn’t die, but rather that nothing really happens in this episode and most of what was accomplished could have been done in twenty minutes or less it feels like. Instead, it dragged from start to finish and gave no real weight to anything going on. I’m not saying that anything crazy needs to happen in each episode, but really this one just had nothing to really sink my teeth into.

I don’t mind that Holly was able to escape from Jack and it seemed like that something was going to happen so that she would get away, but I really want to see where they take her character in these last two episodes. The reason I say that is because I think there’s a missed opportunity here by keeping her alive. I know that she got away just so that she could explain Jack’s strange decisions lately and how he’s being controlled by the being, but I’m just not sure if it really did that much more that couldn’t have been done some other way. Ralph was going to have to eventually start believing in what Holly was saying about this being, but does her first-hand experience with Jack really push him to that point? It does seem like it towards the end, but is her explanation really necessary for him to be pushed?

Okay, so it does give a little extra push, but they already could tell that something was up with him especially after seeing his apartment. They had already pinged the cell phones, so they were going to be able to follow him and eventually find him, and it certainly seems that the being is about to take the new identity after they just learned that the guy with the original ID has already skipped town. A lot of things were already in place that were going to drive Ralph into finally believing and I don’t think there’s much else Holly can actually do to push him to that point. He’s a believer of evidence and he’s about to come face to face with the being.

I say it’s a missed opportunity not to kill Holly, but again it really just depends on where they take her character going forward. Now the last scene is very interesting and could be very telling of where her character is being taken. There was no point that I can recall where Jack scratched her, not that Jack doing it would have any effect on the being having the ability to copy her appearance, but just in case I never saw that. However, it does seem based on her nightmare that something is going on and it could be possible that having contact with Jack could have given the being access to her and her dreams. If the being is now in her mind, it could be possible that she becomes the next victim of being controlled by it.

It doesn’t make a ton of sense when I think about it deeper though because she states that it seems that it can control someone that is experiencing a lot of pain. I wonder why Ralph has not fallen victim to it, it seems like he’s in pain when it comes to letting his son go, but Holly doesn’t seem like she’s in any kind of obvious pain either other than being scared by her interaction with Jack. The being could just be getting inside her mind to let her know that it’s there, but at the same time I’m trying to figure out the purpose. If it can’t control her then where exactly do they plan on taking this character. It still seems to make more sense as of now to kill her off.

Killing her off could have been a driving force for Ralph to start believing her since her death at the hands of Jack would make sense with how he’s been acting lately and there would have been no other motif for him to kill her. I may be thinking too much into it, but I just think it could’ve been more impactful for her to be killed off and fall victim at the hands of Ralph not believing her. Her guy friend investigator that came down to join the case still seems suspicious to me for some reason. I’m not sure what exactly his purpose is outside of just being there for her and being connected to the case, but there’s still something about him that I don’t like.

Unfortunately there’s just not that much to unpack from this episode outside of what I’ve already talked about. I guess the only other major thing to happen is that Terry’s wife can’t hold a job in that town because of everything that’s happened and it looks like she’s about to start suing everyone so that may end up being important later on. Really that’s about it. I know many people are complaining about this show coming to a slow pace and not being as exciting anymore, and while this episode did become the only one I was disappointed by, I’m not disappointed overall with it. It’s a slow burn investigative show that is specifically meant to be slow. I think it really highlights the acting and really shows how to develop a mystery out.

Going into the last three episodes, there’s a lot to live up to with all of the setup we’ve had so far. Everything has lead to how exactly they’re going to execute this finale and the overall quality of the show is at stake here and all depends on how they handle the finale. I feel like they missed an opportunity with keeping Holly alive, but there’s still potential for her arc to go in a place that ends up working better in the long run. I’m excited still to see where everything comes together in the end, but they really need to nail this next episode after coming off a somewhat disappointing one.

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HBO’s The Outsider Episode 6 Review

The story has slowly started to come full circle as Holly makes her way back to the investigative team that hired her. I have reiterated in all of my reviews so far that we all have many theories and questions regarding what’s going on exactly, but none of them solidly being confirmed yet. In this episode, we finally get a character who takes our side of what we think is going on and lays it all out on the table. Our mysterious figure of being does indeed seem to be some kind of boogeyman or El Cuco. It was seemingly confirmed that the assumption was correct in the previous episodes but it only became reality when she revealed her findings to the investigative team and Terry’s wife. 

If we weren’t watching this as a show and instead were living this the way they are then hey I don’t blame any of them for thinking Holly is crazy. On the other hand, even in times of doubt when you’re presented with something that seems impossible, you have to take in consideration the possibility that there may be something else going on. This is handled very well with all of our characters at play and they all have a different perspective on the situation. 

Holly for example is someone who prides herself on getting the absolute truth even if it leads her to something impossible to believe. She’s one that goes by the facts presented to her and makes a judgement of what she thinks the situation is regardless of how crazy it may sound. Terry’s wife is who we all would likely be in that situation, doubting the possibility and throwing out the lack of sense it makes as a human. Then we also have the two middle people, Ralph and his wife. His wife is more in line with Molly after her encounter with the figure, but is still somewhat skeptical while Ralph doesn’t want to believe it but I feel in the back of his mind it may be the only thing that makes sense. 

I feel bad for Ralph because he’s your typical kind of hero thrown into the mystical kind of world that doesn’t want to believe what he’s seeing or dealing with. At some point he’s going to come to the realization that what Holly is saying is actually true. It will be interesting to see how this affects him going forward if he does indeed make it through to the end. That also brings up my biggest concern now, who is going to survive to the end before finally capturing this figure. Will Ralph embrace this strange situation that he’s now involved with before finding himself in a bad position and maybe end up being killed? 

My biggest reason for bringing this up is because of how the episode ends. We see Holly in the car with Jack as she now realizes that he is under the control of the figure. It’s the mark on his neck that gives this away, but now she’s in too deep to be able to get away. Unfortunately I see her potentially becoming a victim if she can’t find a way to escape. If she does end up becoming a victim then there’s no telling how many more victims will come out of Jack’s actions. I also wonder what exactly Jack will be showing her. I feel confident that it will either be the figure or it will be nothing and he will take her out to the barn only to kill her. Things are just not looking good for Holly. 

The only other major thing to make a note of is that the figure will soon be fully formed into the guy at the bar. I can’t remember his name for the life of me, but given the track record the being has, it doesn’t seem he’ll be leaving the area which makes me wonder what his agenda is exactly. If he turns into that guy fully then he’s going to be able to get close to Ralph which will certainly spell doom for him. The figure is clearly threatened by Ralph and the investigation team which could be why it’s sticking around. 

Now we know that our theories were true as far as it being a shapeshifter of some kind and that it takes time for it to fully form a new look. The real question I have though is the actual motif to why it picked who it did and why killing kids. We may have the answer to some questions, but we don’t have the answers to some of the deeper questions. I hope that we do get those answers and we aren’t left open ended by the end of the series. I don’t think this is something that should go on longer than a single season and I believe it’s being called a limited series so again hopefully we get all of the answers by the end. 

My final predictions after this episode for things that I feel may happen coming up are that Holly will end up being killed which will throw the case into Ralph’s hands. I think it’s at that point that he will fully embrace this strange case that he’s involved in and will manage to capture the being. There is a chance that Ralph also dies, but a lot of the resolve depends on Stephen King or the writers of the show and whether or not they actually want to wrap up the story with answers. I think the success of the show going into the final episodes hinges on how they decide to handle the mystery itself. If our characters are killed, our being gets away, and we don’t have answers then I don’t think the show will come out being a success. That’s my biggest worry, but we’ll see how the final episodes play out. 

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HBO’s The Outsider Episode 5 Review

I apologize for the review coming out a day late, unfortunately the Super Bowl got me caught up in forgetting about the new episode last night and I didn’t get a chance to watch it till I got off work today, but regardless I’m here with my the review of episode 5! Some of my biggest theories or questions had to do with how exactly everyone was connected and who all was actually being controlled by this figure. I was questioning or wondering what exactly his effect on people was and some of those answers seemed to become a little clearer in this newest episode.

The unfortunate thing with these middle of the season episodes is that they do tend to feel like they’re dragging a bit, but it’s also a slow burn show so I know that it’s going to feel slow while also releasing information as needed. Continuing on with my though of how exactly the figure effects people, I think we have a more clear understanding of how exactly he influences peoples actions in one sense. As much as I think I have an answer, the more I remember that some things still don’t make complete sense yet. It seems that of course Jack isn’t the only one with the burn like mark on his neck who was being controlled. The man in Dayton who Molly sees at the cemetery.

In the end of the episode, we very clearly see the mark on his neck and learn that his gun wasn’t loaded which means he was sent there doing what he did to commit suicide. We also learn that he was also likely the killer of the family members because of how Molly describes the difference in the care of the murders. She describes how it feels like the killer was actually by someone who knew them and was somewhat ashamed of what they were doing. It seems clear that this man was the one responsible, but I’m not sure yet what his connection is to the family.

This then makes me think about the family of the young boy that “Terry” killed. They are all now dead, but there was nobody that killed each of them, they all died by different means. This definitely makes me feel that none of them were being controlled in the same manner of the man or Jack. Although, I now wonder what exactly the purpose of controlling Jack is. Jack isn’t going around killing people, but rather he’s gathering things in the woods for the figure. We also see towards the end that he is trying to get in on the case with Ralph. I see this not at all being Jack, but the figure trying to get more info on the case against him and to get Jack close to him in case he needs to take action and kill Ralph.

As I sit and think about how much the figure is involving himself with the families and the actual case against him, I start to wonder why he’s doing this. Was he doing it in the other cities? It doesn’t appear so because we never get Molly coming across any witnesses regarding the figure and his disfigured face. It doesn’t seem like anyone has seen or sketched the same face that the people in the current case have. The figure has also shown himself to Ralphs wife, Terry’s daughter, and a kid witness. All of them are from different families and have yet to be effected by witnessing it. As far as we know, the only people killed in the other cities were directly connected to those involved with the victim hence why she says that the figure takes the whole family.

He completed his act of killing the whole family in the present town, but has managed to stay and has started to make more of a presence than what we assume it has in the other cities. It isn’t quite clear why that is the case or why it’s becoming so involved in the case against him while also staying in the town. I’m not exactly sure what its game plan is at this point, but there is an assumption that can be made by one of the last scenes in this episode. I actually had to rewind and pause the scene so that I could see it clearly.

The man that Molly slept with before leaving town comes across a piece of paper that has each of the wrongly convicted names with the amount of time between each murder or appearance. All of which seem to be between 20-24 days which isn’t exactly the same but is close enough to assume that there is some kind of reason for that. I’m not sure if the exact amount of days since the current murder has been stated, but I wonder how close to that range we are getting. Is it that it actually takes around that much time for the figure to fully form the face or appearance of the person he scratched last? I think that may be the case, but it also doesn’t explain why he’s still sticking around that town and not moving on to the next town. There’s something significant that just hasn’t been revealed yet. It could be that this is the first instance of someone catching on to something fishy being at play, but again I’m not entirely sure yet.

This does lead me to my last final point and that being about the man that Molly slept with. What exactly are his intentions now after coming across that paper with her notes on the murders and claiming that they all may be connected. It isn’t clear what his intentions are and I’m not sure whether I trust him or not. Is he secretly being controlled by the figure? I doubt that, but I also doubt that he doesn’t have some kind of agenda. He could be looking to reveal the information or maybe even helping her, but for some reason I have a bad feeling with him having that information. There’s just something that doesn’t sit right with me. On top of the fact that her car seemed to break down. Everything just seems too fishy for me.

I know I keep saying that the mystery deepens, but we are now at the halfway point which means the second half of the season should be starting to answer some of these questions and I do feel that the story is on its way to heating up. I’m more intrigued each week with how everything is going to be revealed and how accurate some of these assumptions are. Hopefully some of these answers will come next week, but many more questions may come out too.

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HBO’s The Outsider Episode 4 Review

We left off last week’s episode with the death of a prison inmate, rather his suicide. My thoughts were that it seemed obvious that he also wasn’t actually responsible for the murder of the kids he was convicted of and that he was connected somehow to everything else going on. My biggest question was what connection that was and seemingly had something to do with Terry being in Dayton. Well this episode gives us a lot and more as we delve deeper into this strange mystery. 

I’ll just get right into the connective points that we learned. It’s evident by Holly’s investigation that she has come to realize what we all had assumed. It appears that the prisoner, Heath, was wrongly convicted for the murders of the kids. Not only that, but he also had come into contact with Terry, or what I now assume to be the strange being that is going around impersonating all of these people. We also learn that Heath was in New York at one point that led to his connection to a woman who was found guilty of child murders also. All of this comes together to form one clear picture, that all of these people have been wrongfully convicted of murder and appear to all have a doppelgänger. 

It’s also evident that the doppelgänger is not more than one person, but rather someone who can change their appearance to whomever they decide. The one connective thing that all three of these convicted people have in common was that they all received some kind of scratch from the doppelgänger of the previous person. The question that we have yet to get an answer to is what exactly that scratch does. Is it the scratch causing blood that gives the being the ability to turn into that person? That’s what I believe and what seems to be the case. A lot of the questions we had were answered in this episode but we still have many questions that are left unanswered.  

We still don’t know why the being is targeting these people specifically and why they’re killing children. Are they just a victim of wrong place at the wrong time or is there more to the story. The one thing in common that I see is that the being is smart enough to not stay in one place too long. It picks people that seem to only be at a certain location for a short period of time. Whether it be Heath who was visiting New York or Terry who was visiting Dayton. This makes me think that the being knows who he’s trying to copy and is also following them to their hometowns, but the question is why. On the surface it doesn’t appear that anything is actually connecting these false convicts other than say the scratch, but there definitely seems to be something else that is connecting them, I just can’t figure out what exactly. 

The other interesting aspect is how the being itself seems to be like a parasite, metaphorically speaking of course. With his arrival to each place though comes a sense of depression or despair leading to more deaths or suicides for those who are connected to either the murderer or the victims. My question in the previous reviews was whether or not they were also being controlled somehow by the being or if it was simply out of pure emotional feeling. I can’t tell yet if he is actually controlling them to commit these acts of death and murder or if is presence actually pushes people to do the things they do. It does seem however that he has a certain extent of control over people as we can see with Jack. I’m not sure what exactly he’s doing in the woods with the lights and deer but he’s definitely under the control of this being. 

He’s not the only one I feel is under control or was under control at a time. I think the brother of the kid that “Terry” killed who ended up killing Terry was also under the control of the being. I’m not sure though if that comes down to him actually being controlled like Jack, or if by the depression or despair that seems to come off of the beings presence, or if he was actually just committing revenge. It’s all, not confusing, but up in the air as to what exactly is being affected or is connected. That’s the real proof of just how great the mystery is and how well written it is both by the screenwriter and by Stephen King himself. It’s been a while since I’ve been this deep into trying to figure out what’s going on and how everything will play out. 

One thing I really enjoyed was how the episode was primarily focused on Molly and how she went about learning more as we learned with her. I can say that Cynthia Erivo is absolutely killing it in the role by giving us a very unique and interesting character. One thing that goes hand in hand with her character is the sense of not being able to trust anyone. She’s having to investigate while also keeping herself quiet and it’s a recurring point of everyone not wanting to talk to reporters and some thinking she’s a reporter. I think it’s curious how the show really leans into making you feel like you can trust anyone because of this doppelgänger being, the same way that someone can’t trust another person not being a reporter. We get two different perspectives on the same feeling but for different reasons. 

I think my final theory coming out of this episode is not anything to do with why everyone is connected, but I think that at some point, Molly will come in contact with this being and will be scratched. I think that as she gets deeper into the mythology of what this being could be and the closer she gets to figuring out what it is and where it is will lead her into running into the actual being. I think there’s a strong possibility that she ends up face to face with her own doppelgänger by the end of the series. Keep in mind that I have no knowledge of the book and have kept away from any spoilers coming out of the book so any theories I have may sound crazy but may end up being right. I’m excited to see how this whole story plays out. 

With all of that said, I continue to enjoy the series very much and it has continued to get better and better as the mystery unravels and becomes more mysterious. If you’ve seen the episode and have any comments, questions or theories then make sure to comment below or email us at and make sure to follow us @TowerCityMedia on Facebook and Twitter! 

HBO’s The Outsider Episode 3 Review

A slow burn episode that on its surface seems to drag a bit, but by the end you realize that there is a ton of new information and new theories that were brought about from what we learned. One of my biggest fears coming out of the last episode was whether or not the story could hold up with losing one of its main characters so early on. Now I know that there was no guarantee that Terry would make it through the whole season, but with a name like Bateman playing the character, it’s certainly a risk to kill him off so quick. So far so good, this episode really dials up the mystery while also slowly revealing new information that potentially answers some questions, but also raises more.

One thing that this episode did to really make up for the lack of having another major character outside of the detective is the introduction of Cynthia Erivo as Holly Gibney, a private investigator in the vein of L from Death Note. They aren’t exactly the same, but she did immediately make me think of him. She has a very intriguing personality and quirk about her with her condition that makes her a real treat to listen to when she’s going on one of her little rambles about something random like car makes and models. She certainly brings a new angle to the investigation and a bit of a change of pace from the gloomy characters we have for the majority of the episode.

Another character that I failed to mention in the previous episode review is that of the other detective Jack. He’s very much an ass hole that I really don’t care too much about, but while investigating the barn of where they found some clothes of the killer, he finds himself infected in some way. I’m not exactly sure how to explain what it is that’s going on with him because it really isn’t explained to us, but it’s clearly painful to him and is causing him to hear a voice. It seems that by the end of the episode, he’s somewhat controlled by the voice, but again I’m not entirely sure. It does raise an interesting question of why him and what the intention is for infecting him. I also wonder what exactly is going on with Terry’s daughter who has been seeing the mystery figure.

I want to know more about what’s going on when she sees him. She seems to be awake whenever we find out that she saw him, but was she awake when she saw him or was she actually dreaming? If she is hearing just a voice though and imagining seeing him then how different exactly is it from Jack? She doesn’t seem to be effected by any kind of infection like Jack so it’s definitely a different kind of connection that she has with the mystery man than what Jack has, but again like my last episode review, I want to know why them. Of course the daughter makes some sense with her relationship to her father and Jack could have just been a vulnerable victim considering his state of mind, but what’s the intention.

I suppose it could be possible that the warning the daughter gives to our detective Ralph could be connected to Jack now. It seems that Jack is going to be listening to the voice and acting upon its request which leads me to believe that he could possibly be set to do something to Ralph or his wife. I think that’s exactly where this is leading, but I won’t be surprised if I’m wrong. It also feels very similar to that of Stranger Things 3 when Billy becomes infected by the Upside Down creature except that the mystery figure does seem to be a physical being just hiding in the shadows. It also seems apparent that the figure is in fact able to change his appearance to some extent.

We learn a few significant things that point to some new information. It seems that its possible that when he impersonates someone that he eventually ages out of that appearance and becomes disfigured. We learn that the fingerprints of Terry on the belt have both a young set of finger prints and a much older set of finger prints. They both are identical but leads me to believe that the longer he stayed as an impersonation of Terry, the more his body aged or maybe just the appearance aged. I’m not entirely sure, but as stated by the daughter over the course of her seeing the figure on four separate occasions, the figures appearance changed from looking like her father initially to looking like someone else entirely.

That seems to without a doubt point to him having some kind of effect after becoming someone and very much that he is able to change appearance somehow. If not for this information then I think it’s more apparent as we learn new information in Dayton regarding the killing of two young girls. Throughout the episode, we were getting glimpses into a prisoners life has he was being called a child killer. He doesn’t seem guilty and when Holly comes across the news clipping of the killings that show us that he was in fact the guy found guilty of the murders, it seems that this could possibly be connected directly to our current case. If these murders did indeed occur right close to the time that Terry and his family was in Dayton then I believe the figure may have began his killings here while impersonating the man that we later saw in prison. Unfortunately we will have to hold out hope of Holly’s ability to investigate since he decided to take his own life rather than be killed by another inmate.

It doesn’t feel like a lot of information is revealed when you first finish this episode, but as I started to sit and think about everything new that I learned, I realized that there was a lot more going on than I actually realized. The show up to this point is showing to be an excellent slow burn that its revealing information at just the right time. It’s not making you feel like you have the answers, but keeping you hooked just enough that you feel like you’re figuring it out even though the mystery deepens. I’m actually having a lot of fun trying to figure out where this mystery is going and I am pleasantly surprised that the show managed to continue its quality and fantastic narrative despite my concerns coming out of the previous episode.

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HBO’s The Outsider Episode 2 Review

There were a few things I was hoping to see going into this next episode, one of which was some more information as to the relationship between the detective and Terry. We learn pretty quick into the episode that Terry coached the detectives son and also helped him become better at playing. Like I said in my review of the first episode, it’s hard to believe that Terry would be the kind of guy that would commit such a malicious crime, but I also think there’s something going on that will prove that it really wasn’t him. 

This show takes a ballsy turn with this second episode. There’s a lot a show can do to really grab your attention and I think the show does it well in the first episode, but it was the shocking surprise in episode two that really shows how they want to test us as viewers. In the first half of the episode Terry is shot and killed by the young murdered boys brother. The brother is then shot and killed by the detective. It was a shocking scene that caught me off guard, and initially I thought well sure he’ll survive and everything will be fine. Ha ha, nope. Terry dies and now I have no idea how the rest of the show is going to go. 

Of course I fully expect the investigation to continue because the detective seems very much obsessed with the mystery at hand. It’s just going to be a bit tricky having already killed one of your main characters. It’s a testament to their gutsy approach of where to take this story. It’s either going to work really well or not and it’ll all depend on how the mystery unfolds and is further revealed to us. 

We learn a few new things like how the van was in Dayton when Terry and his family was there too, which adds another layer of mystery. We also learn that the only odd thing to happen to him is that he received a cut while visiting his father. It doesn’t seem that important, but I do expect it to be connected to everything that’s going on. I’m actually more curious about the youngest daughter who keeps talking about the man that’s standing there or stalking to her. 

I feel like it’s definitely the mystery disfigured hooded figure we keep seeing, but what is the connection to the family. What’s their intention of picking Terry and what exactly is the deal with it. The figure also appears near the house of where the last remaining member of the young boys family lives when he decides to try and hang himself. And why is it that just about everyone in that family is now dead minus the father? It seems strange that they would all die. 

I’m now wondering if there is a deeper connection between Terry’s family and the young boys family or maybe only one of the two families is a victim. Maybe the figure was only intending on affecting one family but had to bring in another family to have it done. Maybe Terry was just a victim of circumstance, but either way it’s the question of motive that keeps me interested. It’s the mystery as a whole that has been keeping me invested and excited to see what happens next. I do hope that they are able to keep up the quality for the remaining episodes. That is very much my biggest worry. 

I can’t wait to see the next episode and with this one I’d say the most memorable moment was the shocking shooting that takes one of our main characters out of the story. It was shocking and impactful, but risky. Let’s see if the story can live up to the risk. 

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HBO’s The Outsider Episode 1 Review

Another major hit for Stephen King and his incredible run of great adaptations in the last few years.

I haven’t actually heard much about this project and only came across it while scrolling through HBO for something new to watch. I did a little bit of research prior to actually starting it and found out that it was based on one of Kings novels and that the episodes were written by Richard Price. If you aren’t familiar with his work then just think of two other big hits for HBO in The Night Of and The Wire. I was immediately excited and only grew more excited when I saw that Jason Bateman was a director on two episodes including the pilot and was also starring alongside Ben Medelsohn. There was a lot to like overall for the project and I kept away from any story details or trailers going into watching episode 1.

From the start it seemed that it was a simple tale of a gruesome murder of a child. There’s a lot of scenes that happen with little dialogue that makes it a bit irritating because I feel that it holds on these quiet moments a bit too long. It doesn’t take long though to get your attention with the first few minutes including a very graphic scene of the dead young boy. It was clear that he wasn’t just murdered but was also mutilated to some extent. It’s not easy to look at but definitely sets the tone for you to feel a certain way about the case as a whole and anyone found to be connected to it.

The show tends to jump back and forth between present time and moments that happened in the hours or days before the initial arrest takes place. It honestly feels a bit jarring and unnecessary when they could have just shown everything in a normal narrative without jumping around. With that said, they do reveal the information in a way that doesn’t feel like it throws too much at you at once. It does take about halfway through the show before you really start to get invested with what’s going on. We immediately get the sense from the detective played by Mendelsohn that he has something against Jason Bateman’s character Terry.

There’s history between the two characters that I’m sure is going to come in play later on, but I wish we would have gotten a little more information into their issues. It is interesting to see a guy like Terry who is a coach for the school baseball team that is being arrested for the murder of a child. He definitely comes off as being slightly creepy, but when interviewed doesn’t seem to have a malicious bone in his body. He also seems to have an alibi that feels strong considering his elaborate explanation of where he was at the time of the murder. This is exactly where I started to feel this story going in a different direction than what I expected.

The detective had very clear footage of Terry after the murder was committed, but it also seemed off for some reason. There is evidence of him being at the scene of the crime, but again it all seemed a little off. It was only when we found out that they had video evidence of him being out of town like he said that the questions really start to rise. How can he be at two places at once?

It’s very clear that this is going to be some kind of twisted story in the vein of Stephen King of course and will introduce some wild kind of idea as to how he was in two places at once. I definitely feel like it wasn’t actually him, but my biggest question is if somebody is impersonating him without his knowledge or if he is actually aware of an imposter. Could it be someone that looks like him or even a clone? I have no idea. I don’t have a clue where exactly this story is going except for the fact that it’s going to be something I don’t expect.

Aside from the slow parts where the camera seems to sit for too long almost like a documentary with no dialogue, the direction was actually pretty great. The story is incredibly interesting and blends your typical murder mystery with something that seems to reveal itself as being way more than what I was expecting. I’m waiting for this to completely subvert my expectations and give me something that I’m not thinking. I’m very excited to see where the story goes so far and this, as of right now, is a must watch for anyone looking for a new weekly show to get hooked on.

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